Lets Help A Fellow Steemian Get A Starter Pack <> Win A 15 Post Resteem Subscription For Your Good Deed !

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As some of you know I was very lucky yesterday to open my very first @steemmonster booster pack to find a Gold Foil Legendary Dragon under the very first card. This led me to viewing the #steemmonsters tag for longer then I would like to admit. When doing so I came across a topic with a Steemian asking for help so they can purchase the @steemmonster starter pack. They have created multiple post and have already collected 1.9 + Steem so this poster is already half way to their goal.

Lets head over to their post and bombard it with upvotes and help push our fellow Steemian closer to that starter pack they need to play in the @steemmonster tournaments. So instead of upvoting this post I am asking that you head on over to @ityp post called Upfundme Steem Monster Starter Pack Post #028 and upvote their post instead. Doing so will qualify you to win a 15 post resteem subscription.

15 Resteem Post Subscription Giveaway Rules !

  • Upvote the topic Upfundme Steem Monster Starter Pack Post #028
  • Come back here and post in the comment section that you upvoted the previous mentioned topic. I will then give you a random number and on day 7 of post payout I will use a random number generator to generate the winning number. If the the RCG generates your number you win the resteem subscription.


Found A Gold Foil Dragon In My First Ever Purchased Booster Pack
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Rely it works or not , I feel suspicious to get more upvotes and increase self reputation

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Does what work or not ?

upvoted and resteemed gonna upvote all his posts which havent been paid yet


That's awesome ...



Excellent .. ..

Hey, this is such a great initiative! I've been upvoting a few of @ityp's #upfundme posts in the past to try to help them get their Starter Set  of Monsters, and I sent them a couple of Commons in the meantime to help get their collection started. I remember the weeks before I was able to buy my own Starter Set, and I was busy entering every contest and competition that I could find to try to get enough $ˢᵇᵈ together to buy the set. In the end I won a single competition that covered the entirety of the cost of my Starter Set, and that was all thanks to one of @coruscate's competitions.

The SteemMonsters community in general is so friendly and helpful, eager to help new players get started in the game. I do what I can to #payitforward for all the help that I've been given to get started in the game, so I love to help others out as well, such as this initiative you've got going here, @rentmoney. I'd also like to enter your competition here for the 15 post resteem subscription. I had upvoted the post by @ityp already by the time I saw your post here, so I'll upvote yours as well. 😉

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I upvoted a couple of their other posts as well. Good on you for paying it forward. Steemit is full of contest and promotions. Entering and putting them on is a great way to interact with others. Your entry is accepted for the 15 subscription draw.

Upvoted a couple of posts



Awesome .. ...

Thank you! This is so cool of you to help me like this :)


Your Welcome .... Hopefully it helps you get a little closer to your starter pack.

Good luck to all..


Awesome .. thanks !

I upvoted your post as well itpy post. Though my vote will not have any steem power as such.
I aim to acheive atleast 100 Steem power by the end of this year, let see how it goes.


Thanks for your upvotes and good luck with achieving your goal of 100 SP by the end of the year.

Upvoted and sent him a $~0.2 bid-bot upvote.

I will then give you a random number and on day 7 of post payout I will use a random number generator to generate the winning number

It may be easier for you to use this script and just check if he/she upvoted the sponsored post.



Nice script thanks for sharing. The random number generator is easy to do also. I simply just use the age option in the comment section and count up until I reach the number the random number generator picked.

Awesome generosity on your part with the bid-bot tip.



  • nw =)