๐Ÿ”ฅ Battle-Steem (Free Level 1/2 + Gold Foil Steem-Monster Cards/ Free 1000 BATTLE Tokens & More !) ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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Most of us have played or at least heard of the game Battle Ship.

Well let me introduce you to Battle Steem.

The grid has been updated to a slightly smaller version making it easier then ever to find my ships. Will you be victorious or will you go down in a blaze of glory ? I will also be posting a hint to the location of my ships on the *third day of this game creation in a new post.

Prizes Hidden In The Grid

  • 3 (100) Troll Coins
  • 3 Steem-Monsters Common Cards
  • 3 (15) Post Resteem Subscriptions
  • 5 (200) Battle TOKENS (Sponsored By @battlegames)
  • Level 2 Rusty Android Steem-Monster Card
  • Level 2 Highland Archer Steem-Monster Card
  • GOLD Vampire Steem-Monster Card
  • 3 Ammunition (Fire Two extra shots)

What is TROLL coin ?

The troll coin was founded by @tufkat and was created via steem-engine.com (A new addition to the blockchain that allows users to create their own token).

The purpose of the (TROLL) token is to throw it at the users who are the trolls here. The more #TROLL you hold, the more #TROLL you are.

What is BATTLE Token ?

BATTLE Token is a new cryptocurrency that was created on the Steem-Engine exchange. If you can accumulate at least 1000 Battle Tokens you will be placed in a draw at the end of the month that awards prizes such as Steem-Monster Booster Packs and a legendary summoner. To learn more about BATTLE Token CLICK HERE


  • One shot a day for those who upvote this post
  • Two Shots a day for those who upvote + resteem
  • Extra shots given to those who discover ammunition
  • You can win multiple times
  • Contest ends on the 6th day of post creation
  • Prizes are giving out in sequence in which they are listed
  • Ammo/Strike has their own specific numbers on the grid
  • Earn a single extra shot for upvoting my comment detailing the ships that have been sunk and what prizes are left

Click Here To Sign up for @steemonsters


Example On How To Play

@steemmonsters fires a shot via picking the letter A and number 1 and entering them via the comment section. My ship is not located on A-1 so @rentmoney will then type Miss under your entry. If you pick the right grid number I will then type hit under your comment and award you the prize located under that grid number.


Pay attention to the other entries to make sure you don't pick a grid number that was already chosen as there is no do overs in war !

What is @steemmonsters ?

Steem-Monsters is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. Some of the cards in this game have already sold for upwards of $3000. Prize tournaments have started with thousands of dollars worth of Steem already handed out for free. If you haven't yet checked out Steem-Monsters you can do so by clicking here. Sign in to the official site using your Steem details.


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C1, C3

shots into the void...

miss with both shots

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 31% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

@magicdice is awesome !

Another round of Battle-Steem is underway. Win up to a free Steem-Monster Starter Pack !


Upvote This Comment For A Single Extra Shot

And To Help Keep Prize Details Visable !

Winner + Prize Location
100 Troll Coins@steallion (G-3)
100 Troll Coins@hansgans (C-5)
100 Troll Coins@fuentesjo3006 (F-4)
SM Common Card@arkmy (A-6)
SM Common Card@arkmy (J-3)
SM Common Card@steallion (H-1)
(15) Post Resteem Subscription@bitandi (B-6)
(15) Post Resteem Subscription@mellofello (F-8)
(15) Post Resteem Subscription@shenan (A-3)
200 BATTLE TOKENS@comegetsome (G-10)
200 BATTLE TOKENS@vicaaciv (B-2)
200 BATTLE TOKENS@vicaaciv (H-5)
200 BATTLE TOKENS@maxer27 (E-1)
200 BATTLE TOKENS@kr7753191 (C-9)
Level Two Rusty Android@jafa (D-6)
Level Two Highland Archer@jafa (D-7)
SM Gold Foil Vampire
Ammo@mellofello (J-1)


h6 h7 h8

miss with all shots

A1 A2 A3

Hit, You Sunk My Battle-Ship (A-3))

You found a 15 Post Resteem Subscription that will start a day or two after this game ends and will be done by the resteembot @gasaeightyfive who doesn't leave comments !

miss with both shots


Hit, You Sunk My Battle-Ships (F-4)

Congrats you found 100 TROLL TOKENS. They have been sent to your Steem-Engine account.


(Post and comment upvoted)

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Double Hit, You Sunk My Battle-Ships (A-6 / J-3)

You will be sent two Steem-Monsters cards shortly.

To view it in your collection click --> steemmonsters.com )
and use your Steem details to log in.

I never win in this games and now I won 2 in a row. Ok, I should buy a lottery ticket ๐Ÿ˜‚. Thank you rentmoney!

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Persistence is the Key to Success.

You're welcome and thanks for playing.

You can keep firing daily shots and possibly sink more ships if you so choose.

Hey, @rentmoney - look that 4 minutes earlier guess the fuentesjo3006 named the J3
between the F4 F7 J3 guesses
and... you count only F4

What's happened?

You are correct ......

I will be sending fuentesjo3006 a common rewards cards since that is what he would have won with a hit. I will sending you a common rewards card as well for pointing out my error.

Thanks for pointing it and good luck with sinking my remaining ships.

My choice of the Day is D3, E3 and F3.

I hope I get a Hit.

miss with all shots

Another round of Battle-Steem is underway. Win up to a free Steem-Monster Starter Pack !


B9, F2, I7

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