BATTLE GAMES (It Pays To Be A Holder) Free Battle Tokens !

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You may have seen the Battle Games tournaments in the Steem-Monsters lobby offering BATTLE Tokens along with some other cool prizes such as Booster Packs and Random Steem-Monster cards and wondered what is this BATTLE Coin and what is it good for.

Well, I did some digging and I can tell you it pays to hold some BATTLE. Holding this TOKEN will qualify you for the end of the month draw (04/2019) that has some pretty cool prizes up for grabs. Take a look for yourself below.

FREE SUMMONER & FREE BOOSTERS. .. .. Count me in but wait ....

How do I attain this Token ?

One can attain this Token in multiple ways. You can win them in the official Battle Games tournaments or you can buy them from the newly created exchange on the blockchain, Steem-Engine. There is always the possibility of purchasing them privately from a current holder as well.

That sounds great but I want some for FREE

Hell Yeah you do and so do I. So let me tell you how to do just that. Currently Battle-Games is holding a Bounty in which FREE BATTLE Tokens can be won for completing simple tasks. This bounty won't last forever so the sooner you do the tasks shown below the more likely you will get some FREE BATTLE.

To Learn More About Battle Token visit the Steem account @battlegames

To Visit the official bounty topic CLICK HERE

What is @steemmonsters ?

Steem-Monsters is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. Some of the cards in this game have already sold for upwards of $3000. Prize tournaments have started with thousands of dollars in Steem already given out as prizes. If you haven't checked out Steem-Monsters yet do so by clicking here. You can sign up to the official site using your Steem details.


nice post sir and because of that, I included or#up-gageyourpost. This is a contest run by @zephalexia, this is to help every steemian to be inspired and motivated to work hard here in steemit,. If you want to join her contest, you can always check out her blog by clicking her name above.

Thanks, I will have to look into #up-gageyourpost to see what its all about.

have heard of this battle tokens from some of my friends , thanks for sharing this info to us

Your post has been recommended by @lonejaveed for my up-gage challenge

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Thanks for the comment and upvote.

That is an interesting challenge you are running.
I will have to look into it a little more once I have the time.

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Hi @rentmoney!



  • 123.325 STEEM
  • 74.918 STEEM from Affiliate
  • 213.510 STEEM from tournament prizes
  • 24.491 SBD
  • 1.233 SBD from Affiliate


  • 599.951 STEEM
  • 29.671 STEEM for tournament entry fees
  • 45.687 SBD


  • -217.869 STEEM
  • -19.963 SBD


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Thanks for the resteem.

If you are looking to complete the bounty offered by @battleganes visit the below link for details.

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