[Announcement] Introducing a simple DEC purchase system for Steem Monsters

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Introducing a simple DEC purchase system for Steem Monsters

We've now partnered with Steem Monsters / Splinterlands to simplify the purchase of Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) with STEEM.

Our service allows seamless integration between Steem Monsters / Splinterlands and the Steem Engine DEX without users having to understand anything about how to use the Steem Engine exchange.

You can see their official announcement about it here:

Steemit @steemmonsters: DEC UPDATE!! Easily Buy DEC From the Market!

How does it work?

Users are able to use the simple purchase UI on the SteemMonsters website like so:

(image courtesy of @yabapmatt)

Behind the scenes, it sends your STEEM to our @token-converter account, and uses our new token conversion API, which automatically initiates a Market Sell order for DEC/STEEM on Steem Engine, then sends the DEC to your Steem Monsters balance.

We take a small processing fee of course, but the experience is very fast and seamless thanks to the integration of our system into the website by @yabapmatt.

Try it out at SteemMonsters.com today!

Support for additional coins

Soon we'll potentially be expanding our system to support simple purchasing of other coins that are available on Steem Engine, for example EOS, BTC, ENG etc.

For now, we're starting with DEC, but keep an eye on our blog @privex and we'll announce when we add support for new coins.

Thank you!

Please vote for our witness to help us fund more infrastructure like this for Steem projects. To vote for @privex, go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and enter in the box at the bottom "privex", and press VOTE.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support. Without the Steem community, we would have never managed to get so far.

We now have a public Privex Discord. You can join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/zUVyjzV

If you'd like to grab a server, just go to our website: https://www.privex.io - we accept STEEM, SBD, EOS, LTC, and BTC as payment. We offer both Virtual and Dedicated servers (all the way from 1gb up to 768gb of RAM).


Wow, this is a great and easy update to purchase DEC instantly. Are there any plans for other crypto converts like DEC/EOS or DEC/BTC or DEC/ETH?
Thanks for this great tool!

Possibly in the future.

For now, our next plans will be to allow purchasing other major cryptos such as EOS, BTC, and LTC (generally anything listed on SteemEngine) using STEEM, as all pairs on SteemEngine are STEEM/othercoin.

To support DEC/EOS or DEC/BTC etc. it would require a more complicated multiple hop buy/sell, e.g. BTC -> STEEMP -> DEC - this isn't supported in our system yet, but we may support it in the future.

Sounds awesome! Looking forward to it!

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Oh Radical!

That's Amazing!

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Can we also convert back DEC to steem, I hope there can be an option for this to, also please work on PAL too thanks.

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That is awesome!