DEC UPDATE!! Easily Buy DEC From the Market!

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Some of you may have noticed a new button that was recently added in the game header next to the DEC balance. This button will allow players to very quickly and easily purchase Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) from either the Steem Engine or Tron Watch markets.

One of the most important features of Dark Energy Crystals (and any crypto token really) is the ability to buy and sell them, but the process was much too cumbersome for the majority of users. You needed to first deposit STEEM into Steem Engine, place your trade on the market, and then withdraw the DEC back into the game. To top it off there weren't even any instructions on how to do any of this.

Now, thanks to a new service provided by Privex (owned and run by @someguy123) you can now do all of the above with the simple click of a button without ever leaving the Splinterlands website!

You can simply enter the amount of STEEM you want to spend, or the amount of DEC you want to purchase, and submit the transfer through either Steem Keychain or Steem Connect, and the service will take care of the rest!

Please note that this service is provided completely by Privex (for STEEM purchases) and they merely facilitate the purchasing of DEC on already existing markets. The service currency charges a 5% fee to cover the fees for depositing and withdrawing from Steem Engine, the cost of running the service, and price risk.

Similarly, if you want to purchase DEC with TRX, you can do so easily and instantly through the Tron Watch Market instant-buy feature, though there is still one extra step to transfer them into the game afterwards.

At no time will Splinterlands ever sell DEC and we maintain that they do not have any monetary value and have no expectation of monetary value or gains in the future.

Bringing Crypto to the Masses!

Ever since the beginning we have had a heavy focus on usability, which we feel is sorely missing from the majority of blockchain-based games and apps and which makes it difficult for the majority of people to get involved.

We want Splinterlands to be a place where anyone, with any level of skill and knowledge, can come, participate, and have fun while also taking part in the revolution that is cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

This addition is a small step toward that goal, but we still have a lot of work to do. Keep an eye out for what we have coming in the near future, and thank you to all of you who are the early adopters who make all of this possible!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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This is a great update and makes buying DEC easy for anyone interested.

Thank you @someguy123 for running such a service !

Great Job, It Just Gets Better and Better !

Exciting times! Thanks for consistently improving and growing this great community!!

This game just keeps getting better, Splinterlands is going to be the darling of crypto games for sure! if it isnt already all these updates coming thick and fast, its hard to keep up but I love it. Logging in every day is a surprise

I noticed a new bid-bot named steem monsters and you pay DEC for the vote. Do you vote on posts on Steemit? Palnet? Or somewhere and something else?

These are the kind of updates I love. The UI updates and thinking about every day users and making everything as seamless as possible is key to growth and sustainability for any business.

Haven't got a chance to get my starter pack yet but have dealt a little with the steem engine exchange and it's confusing as heck for newbies. Have to say this will increase dark crystal purchases a ton for you!! Thanks for sharing!!

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This game is going places with upgrades and services like this! Keep up the good work!

I love the game. I love the developments. I love the attention this project is bringing my favourite platform, Steem.

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You have made it awesome, simple and easy for us to do the whole process in a jiffy, thank you @someguy123 It'd be great for DEC, loving it.

Great update! It was definitely a little bit of a hassle to buy or sell DEC before this, so this is a great change when marketing the games towards the masses.

Great features!

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I saw that button and was like whoa! What's this! Awesome work!!
aasplinterlands (640px, 12fps).gif

I'm kinda the school of thought that if you have to say things like "At no time will Splinterlands ever sell DEC and we maintain that they do not have any monetary value and have no expectation of monetary value or gains in the future.",... Things may not be on the up and up as they appear... it's like a shady innuendo. Stop with the money grabs and focus more on building the product. Just saying.

We say it to help avoid being classified as a security by the US SEC. If we sell DEC or promote them as an investment that may provide capital gains we risk being classified as a security. People may ascribe value to them on third party markets, but we need to be clear that we never do.

There's nothing shady about this, and it's funny that you tell us to "stop with the money grabs" when we are literally not selling anything with relation to the DECs. In fact, instead of selling anything we are giving that value to the players. Many thousands of dollars have been spent purchasing DECs on the market and buying cards on the market as a result of the DEC feature, and all of that money went to the players and not to us. More money is returned to players in this way than we make ourselves from pack sales on a daily basis.

There are certainly things you can potentially criticize us for, but calling a feature where we are not selling anything and returning value to the player base a "money grab" is just plain ignorant.

I appreciate setting me strait on this. I didn't realize the SEC was making things sound or appear scummy. My mistake. I appreciate the time you took for this comment as well.
I do love splinter lands, and play kinda regularly, it's simple complexity keeps me wanting to casually play more.
Back on topic, I do apologise again, I guess my subconscious sentiment is still in a negative mindspace from past experiences. Here's to hoping to a glorious future with many battles and memories made in the battlefield!!

Thanks, and I apologize for the tone of my response as well. It's just that we work really hard not only to follow all of the applicable rules and regulations (despite that they are often backwards and cumbersome) but also to create a sustainable ecosystem where everyone can benefit, so when it's called "shady" or a "money grab" that kind of triggers me!

I would actually worry more about projects that don't have disclaimers like that since that indicates that they probably aren't receiving proper legal advice and are more likely to be acting illegally, whether they know it or not.

I wonder why you get "triggered" by these terms?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

All I can say is Yabapmatt, Aggroed and everyone else is working extremely hard here and so much money goes straight back into to the players of the game. Did you see in tournaments that over 35K has been awarded to players there? That is crazy in such a short amount of time. Also, you have to know so many people could not understand how to buy DEC - they could not do it- and wanted to! I got asked everyday by people how to buy it. Now it is easy for them to! Keep up the awesome work! You guys are beasts!
Chromatic Dragon (802px, 10fps) (1).gif

@clove71 golf clap, Seems odd wherever there is criticism a team member will soon arrive to sing the Founder's praise, and put us all at ease.

I understand that everyone will have different opionions and thoughts. That is good and healthy. I just had to say that I am not just a team member. I am a die hard Steem Monsters fanatic, period. Now a Splinterlands die hard and loyal fan! I searched for 2 years to find the perfect crypto game. I was buying BTC, LTC, making a little money that way. I should say my own income is not high as I take care of my 23 yr. old disabled son.

Since I am home all the time, I was always looking for any extra income to work from home, etc. Cryptocurrency was making a little bit of money for me and I was so excited! Then, as the true gamer I am since a kid, I was searching and played and placed well in many crypto games. Most were on the Ethereum blockchain.

Need I say more? LOL! The gas fees alone killed me and it took forever to battle in cryptofighters, it was awful! I found Steem Monsters back in the end of May 2018...I started opening packs and instantly leveling up all of my cards. I needed a maxed set, I knew this instantly even without stats, rules, etc. Then I would pull gold foil expensive cards! I started selling them and making money. Gold Foil Alpha Epics were like around $100 - $140 maybe and Gold foil Alpha Legendaries were around $700 - $1800 or so I believe.

Everyone had gold fever! I am a Splinterlands player at heart. I love the game, you really have to strategize. I have been up 2 nights trying to get up so high on the leaderboard so I can get more reward when in 2 days the season will end! I pulled two gold foil legendaries worth $450 the past 2 weeks using my brilliant potions and have won STEEM in tournaments too.

I love the community here as well and everyone involved in Splinterlands. It is fun to be around others who are just as obsessed as you are battling in Splinterlands. The game Splinterlands has brought many new people to the STEEM blockchain and that alone is awesome in itself. 065 - Efreet (701px, 12fps).gif