Beginning of battling with Steem Monsters Raffle #4 Results and Legendary Raffle #5

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What is up Steem Monsters fans! Today's the day that battling became public! And it has been going crazy, super fun battles with people. Get the hype train going for Steem Monsters. In celebration of the beginning of battling I will be doing a special for the next raffle, but before I get to that here are the results for the last contest


Here are the results for the raffle for the 3x Alpha Pit Ogres:

Entrants :

  1. @minimining
  2. @passat
  3. @maltoz
  4. @cryptojiang
  5. @balticbadger
  6. @wallets4sale
  7. @igsamuel
  8. @artysteps
  9. @petertag
  10. @wilhb81

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10.20.56 PM.png

Congratulations @artysteps for winning the 3 Alpha Pit Ogres.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10.23.43 PM.png

Today we will be doing something a bit special with the raffle as stated above. For the start of battling I will be raffling off 1 Alpha Spirit of the Forest, 1 Alpha Naga Warrior, and 1 Alpha Mischevous Mermaid. So today's raffle will have 3 different winners! With a more winners, I have changed the entry rules for a bit more interaction.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10.26.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10.27.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10.27.10 PM.png

Rules For the Giveaway

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Leave a comment on the post with your Steem username to receive the card AND let me know what your favorite splinter is and why

3 simple rules to get into the raffle! I'll be giving each raffle 48 hours to complete and will be doing contests every couple of days. I will use a random name picker to pick the winners. Within 48 hours after the completion of the giveaway, I will be sending out the card to the winning person.

Check out SteemMonsters on their official Steemit account for more information about Steem Monsters or check out the marketplace and the cards on their official website. Good luck to all the entrants and if you like free Steem Monsters, give me a follow to get more contests and Steem Monsters content onto your feed.


My favourite is wood. The slow and strong self-healing golem makes a great team with the fast Spirit of the Woods (which also has the bonus of healing the golem at level 2)


Entered with the #4 Spot!

Yes @a0i the Earth splinter is very strong with a lot of heals. Hoping the heals won't be too strong against some splinters in the lower levels but we will have to see once the game progresses some more.

Indeed. However they do have strong counters, ie. because of Earth cards low attack
(and relative lack of magic) they are weak against the weaken ability.

Weaken ability doesn't have an effect on most of Earths ranged attackers. Just the melee attackers but if they get to the front lines of battle, they are just sitting ducks.

Oh I thought Weaken also affected ranged attack, I guess I need to play more.

Hello :D
First of all good luck to everyone !
I would like to recieve the card to @tsnaks if I manage to win.

My favourite splinter is the Earth splinter.
That is based on the gameplay effect.
I have had most success with the Earth deck I have been using, including a Swamp Thing, what is one of my favourite steemmonsters cards.

Also I once opened a Gold Foil Lynna Natura, and that made me super happy :)

Entered with the #6 Spot!

Earth splinter is a strong splinter of course. And opening up cards you want to play and that you like is one of the best reasons to play a splinter

I like the water splinter.

  • Alrich might be my caricature. :D haha

@WizarDave just about everywhere...

Entered in the #13 spot!

Haha water splinter with wizards everywhere thats awesome! :)

My favourtie splinter is the Death splinter because it seems very powerful at Level 1.

Thanks for your comment! Death is a great splinter and yes very powerful at level one with a range of attacks and low mana monsters to play with.

And as of now you haven't completed all of the requirements to be entered in the raffle, if or once you do I will add your entry!

Done now. sorry I forgot the resteem 😁

Entered With the number #12 Spot!

i love the life cards cant explain maybe they was the only ones which let me win in this game :d


Thanks for the comment! Life cards are great cards. Got to play the splinter that helps you win more games than others though! Glad you're getting that experience with the life splinter.

And as of now you haven't completed all of the requirements to be entered in the raffle, if or once you do I will add your entry!

aww steemit FAKENEWST me, i hit the button but it needed to get a new CLICK :D

Entered With the #10 Spot Good luck!

Thank you for the win. And apologies for taking so long to comment. I've been waiting for my RC to recharge.

My favourite splinter is the water one. Just because I like the look of the cards, especially the mermaid.

Entered With spot #11

No worries battles have started and its been fun! Playing the cards you like looking at make it great. The art is great when you can look and appreciate it on your team!

I really like dark so far, mostly because I have better cards in that splinter, but also because it's usually pretty useful to drop the other team's melee at the beginning. Synergizes well with weaken

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Entered with the #1 Spot!

I like dark as well. Proabably a really good splinter with early level cards as it does what you say and can drop the opponent team's melee attack by 2 with weaken and the summoner! Awesome choice in splinter to have better cards in!

Thanks for these Raffles @pladozero, these are fun.


I personally like Silvershield Paladin, because it gives additional protection in the form of shield and also has attacking power and another interesting reason for me to like this is, I could win 2 battles just because of that card, although I lost many battles :)

Entered with the #2 Spot!

Anytime @coolguy123, really want to help people get into the game with the giveaways, always liked helping out people in card games when I played some in real life. Silvershield Paladin is a great card for the Life splinter! Has that nice balance of attack and defense to help turn the tides of the battle.

Oh, so nice of you @pladozero.

Have a good day :)

After the first day I can safely say that my favorite fragment is dragons, it’s a pity that the mana restriction does not allow to realize their power. I can't wait to play without mana limits (I think it would be cool)!

Entered with the #7 Spot!

Would you like it to go to @cranium if you win?

Dragons is a Great splinter. Very powerful getting to choose from any other splinter as a helper splinter because of their summoners ability!

Thanks for this opportunity !!!

@wallets4sale I currently like the white splinter because I have the most of those cards.

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Entered with the #5 Spot!

The life splinter is a great splinter with a lot of powerful effects, especially the resurrection ability on their Legendary Monster Angel of Light

Awesome giveaway/raffle - thanks for putting these on.

I am building my teams around green and black splinters. Death team is just wicked. But Earth is very strong too - it is my favorite at the moment.

When you have cards like flesh golem, goblin sorcerer, stonesplitter orc and the fabulous Spirit of the Forrest - you can build a super strong team to win battles with.


Entered with the #3 Spot!

Yeah @goose20 want the community to have a chance to play a Steem based game! Earth is really strong with its different forms of attack and depending on the summoner has a bunch of utility to go offensive or defensive.


Thank you very much @pladozero, for this raffle.
For now I have built a dark team, Zintar, I like it for how versatile it is, I think it has gone well, although I can not make it strong against magic and dragons.

Entered with the #8 Spot!

You are very welcome @marisenpai. Trying to help out a lot of players get a footing into the game with the contests. Death splinter is an awesome splinter to be in. Very power with poison and the summoner ability to make attacks weaker.

@nateaguila - DEATH is the best because it’s dark and scary looking. It makes the opponent quake in fear. Every time I win with Death, It sucks a small piece of the opponent’s soul.

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Entered With the #9 Spot!

Having the persona of the death splinter is a really fun way to choose your splinter! Gotta go scary death looking things to scare your opponent for the victory.

My favourite splinter is water. I love blue, sea, diving, sky and "everything is blue in this world" Nine Inch Nails' song. My second favourite splinter is Earth. My user name @motherearthist

Entered With spot #14

Water splinter is great! Its the one I'm using at the moment. Its pretty fun!

Thanks for the giveaway, I'm just about to start playing, but I think my favorite as of now would have to be death because it can be a strong team.


Thats awesome. Death can be a very strong team most definitely.

And sorry for not being able to enter you into the contest. From my records it shows that you entered a bit after the 48hour time limit I set. To be fair with the other contestants, you have not been entered. Please check out my next contest going up pretty soon! And thanks for looking into the contest!

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