SteemMonsters Giveaway #1AAA7#

in #steemmonsters3 years ago

It has been a while since I have done my last giveaway, but today is time for a new one! :)

How to enter

This time, you will be tasked with a very simple number picking exercise: Pick a number between 50 and 500. The number closest to the one generates, the second closest and the third closest win some cool prizes:


  1. Crystal Werewolf and Silvershield Archers
  2. Crystal Werewolf
  3. Silvershield Archers

The prizes will be distributed after the giveaway has concluded (7 days after posting {at posting payout}).

Good luck and may the best guess win ;)

PS1: Resteeming, Upvoting and/or Following is appreciated, but not required.
PS2: A guess after the post payout may or may not be counted. That just depends on when I decide to pick the winner. So when it has been 7 days and I haven't picked a winner yet, you may very well still win!


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Hey @stokjockey! You won the giveaway :O

The number was 242, so you were really close and won a Crystal Werewolf AND Silvershield Archers!!!! OMG OMG

Thank You @pizzachain, this is Awesome!

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You won second place :O

A crystal werewolf is heading your way!!!

Hi, @pizzachain!

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