SteemMonsters Giveaway #1AAA6#

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Oy oy! Here's giveaway #1AAA6# for you all to enjoy! Nothing special this time. 6 is kindof an ugly number to be honest... :/

How to join

Participating is pretty damn easy: You have to comment a food! The food I like the most of the commented foods, wins! If I've never eaten it, it's placed down the list btw. xD

Also, it's not allowed to comment pizza, since that's uhm... a bit too obvious perhaps?


The silvershields seem to have a good taste, so they'll definitely make a good addition to your deck ;)

Best Food: 1 Silvershield Soldier and 1 Silvershield Archers
2nd Best Food: 1 Silvershield Soldier
3rd Best Food: 1 Silvershield Archers

Good luck ya'll!

PS: Resteeming/Upvoting/Following is not required, but commenting your picked food is!
PS2: If 2 people pick the same food, the first to pick it wins.

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spaghetti bolognese

I like your food the most, so you win! The silvershield cards have been sent to guard you on your journey through the future! Have fun :)

i got them, and thank you!
so generous of you!


Pizza! of course

Yeah, that's a nice guess, but uhhh...

Also, it's not allowed to comment pizza, since that's uhm... a bit too obvious perhaps?

Pick a new food if you wish :D


Ice Cream

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You won the second prize. I liked the spaghetti a bit more, but Ice Cream is certainly a treat too. Sent you a silvershield warrior ;)

Thanks !!

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