SteemMonsters Contest -- Market Puzzle 2.0 -- Win 3 Booster Packs!

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Dear, dear readers…

Today I am hosting another contest. This contest is almost exactly the same as the contest I hosted about 10 days ago. The question was correctly answered very quickly, which left little to no chance for other participants to enter and win cool prizes.

That’s why this contest will be about correctly answering the question and Personal Messaging the answers to me. Then each correct entry will get a ticket towards a raffle for a cool prize :)

First the most important rule:
It is NOT allowed to comment the solution! If you accidentally did this, please edit/remove your comment! You MUST send me the solution in Personal Messages through Discord (HashPanda#8278), Telegram (@BloodyPanda) or another chatting service.

Now the question/thing you’ll have to solve:


Some people have been actively trading cards on the free market. The cards each have a different value, but their values do not change throughout the contest!

Here is the trades that people made:
SteemMonsters Puzzle 2.png

PS1: The numbers in the red circles stand for the amount of cards they hold. A Spirit of the Forest with an 8 at the top means there are 8 Spirit of the Forests in the trade.
PS2: If there are multiple possible answers, just choose any of them. As long as it fits, it's valid :)

So now it’s your job to figure out the exact values for each of the cards and PM me them in this (or a similar) format:
Elemental Phoenix = xxx STEEM
Frost Giant = xxx STEEM
Spirit of the Forest = xxx STEEM
Angel of Light = xxx STEEM
Lord of Darkness = xxx STEEM

First correct answer receives 2 entries to the raffle.
All later answers receive 1 entry to the raffle.

Only 1 entry allowed per person. If you use alternative accounts, you will be blacklisted from all of my contests, no matter what your reputation may be. I publicize how you use alts to abuse and cheat things. Of course nothing will happen if you're just playing fairly :-)

The contest will end on payout date of this post, which is on November 25th


Of course there’s a cool prize available too :)

Top prize: 3 Beta Packs (+3 Beta Packs from SmartMonsters, making a total of 6 for the winner!)
Every correct entry: 1 Common Card

Please PM the answers through one of these places:
Discord: HashPanda#8278
Telegram: @BloodyPanda

Please comment on here if you wish to use an other chatting service, BUT DO NOT COMMENT THE ANSWER HERE! Doing so may get you disqualified from this contest and any future contests I host, since it proves you either didn’t read my post or tried to sabotage the contest, both of which are strictly forbidden.

Good Luck and Have Fun everyone! :)


That is an interesting contest!

We're sponsoring 3 booster packs as well for the grand prize.

Please respond to this comment once a winner has been selected and we'll send out the packs.

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