It's giveaway time! Joining = free, win cards to boost your collection ;)

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Today is a nice day. After 4 months of observations without interaction, I've now decided to do a giveaway! No complexity is involved here, since all you've got to do is the following:

Comment a number!

The number that's closest to the number I pick wins. The number I pick will be:
[The amount of colours in my country's flag] x [My age in years] x [Last 2 numbers of my phone number]

You don't have to guess it exactly, as I highly doubt someone knows all 3 or is lucky enough to guess them correctly. All you have to do, is: comment a number that's closer to the number above than the numbers the other folks post.

Now onto the prizes..

Position 1: 1 rare summoner
Position 2: 1 rare monster
Position 3: 1 common monster

You got until post payout (March 31st) to post your guess. Good luck! ;)

PS: Upvotes/Resteems are not required, though always appreciated.


Thanks for the suggestion, I've posted it there :)

Thanks for the mention!

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You're indeed welcome! Have done a second one. I like your idea!

Well, @bscrypto know I probably see why you don't like the giveaway by @nureza : Demanding a follow. Not as kind as it could be, right?

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