Giveaway time! [RESULTS]

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Heyyyy... About a week ago, I held a giveaway here, in which you were tasked with picking a number. The people who picked the numbers closest to the product of my age in years, the amount of colours in my country's flag and the last 2 digits of my phone number would win the prizes detailed here:

Position 1: 1 rare summoner
Position 2: 1 rare monster
Position 3: 1 common monster

Well, here follows the number:
I live in the Netherlands, so the amount of colours in my country's flag is 3
I am 17 years old, so my age in years is 17
My phone number ends in 31, so the last 2 digits of my phone number are: 31

The product of this results in: 3 x 17 x 31 = 51 x 31 = 1581

So the ranking and corresponding prize distribution is:

Position 1: @andrea97 who picked the number 1800. You win a rare summoner!
Position 2: @yaboijimjohn who picked the number 1102. You win a rare monster!
Position 3: @jacksartori who picked the number 1000. You win a common monster!

The prizes have already been sent. Have fun and go play SteemMonsters further at


Cool, I like your giveaway;)

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