Maybe it can comfort you to know that I've been in that same place for weeks. It will pass once you get in the flow. Are you playing already, or not yet?

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I'm not playing yet. I looked at the "how to play" page and my brain was like, "Nope." I can only focus on so much detail like that. I think I used up my quota. LOL
But I'll look at the tutorials, because perhaps a different explanation like a video won't make my brain go on strike.

Lol, sounds so familiar, lol. Even after reading Dave's tutorials my brain simply refused to process the info. My brain simoly flatlined. I really thought I would never understand. \nIf I can find the time to dig up the one-to-one explanation Dave gave me on Discord, I can maybe pass it on Of course, I don't know as much as he does, but I think I can break up the tutorials in even smaller chunks of info, to.make it more clear.\n\nIf it is still too much for your brain to handle next week, maybe we should get together on Discord and I can try to answer the question you have. Once you start playing, it will get more clear. Trial and error is the best way to learn

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Oh, totally. For this kind of thing, I want the video game tutorial level that teaches you through playing it. Other things I process through reading. It varies depending on the activity!

@phoenixwren, I have an opportunity you might be interested in. I wanted to contact you on Discord, but couldn't find you. Can you please send me your Discord name, or contact me through DM. My username on Discord is simplymike#5957

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Hey there! Sent a friend request. I'm FirebirdVelitas ...don't remember the number offhand. LOL