Lord Arianthus Giveaway

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Hello fellow victims,

It's time for another giveaway. This time it's the most used card of the game. I think. Or at least one of the most used. When I am not using it I always seem to see a full-on Magic attack crowd standing in front of me😳.

To have a chance to win this badass head in a jar you need to do the following:




And of course comment so I can pick you when the time comes. The name will be picked by a random name picker.

Meet you all on the battlefield!


Mwahaha, I need a pickled villain in my crew!!!

Done ✅ upvote, follow and resteem!

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Gimme this bottle-man :D

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
Check @resteembot's introduction post or the other great posts I already resteemed.

upvote, follow, resteem - so I hope, that I win.

I fulfilled all requirements. Let's see what is the result ...

What a great contest you have here, that is one nice card!! :-)
088 - Head in a Jar (750px, 5fps).gif

I'm in 😁

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I need this monster, I'm getting killed by Alric and his followers.

Hell yeah. lets do it!

I am interested.

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I could use this card in my collection. Good luck everyone!

Followed, upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for the opportunity.

Its a great card to have!

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Hello, thanks for the contest :D

That Lord Arianthus is one tough nut to crack.


Followed - Upvoted - Resteemed
Lets do this :D
I have level 2 now, and need to level up :p

Thanks @pacolimited for giving this opportunity especially to us, a new steemian. I love to live in this community. Cheers.

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