Steem Monsters Gif (6.3 mb!)

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An animated banner for Steem Monsters!

Up late (as I write) working on this so I can fit it into my busy life. :)

A prominent Steem Monster player asked me if I'd like to make this — and I thought it might be a very useful project. I have never played Steem Monsters because I'm not cool enough, but I heard it's all the rage!

I am not taking credit for creating the illustrations or logo, ONLY the animation!

It's for their Discord channel

Made in After Effects, rendered as .avi and saved out as .gif in Photoshop. I absolutely HATE the new Photoshop and refuse to use it — PS 2015 is okay, though. Adobe keeps wrecking their own software AND charging more for it. Bastardos!


I need to ease off a bit...

Not just post a bit less, but also work on some product development stuff I have going on. I really need to stay balanced as much as possible :) I hope to post on wednerdsday and fried-duh if at all possible.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Hi @overkillcoin. Happy to see you adding your art to the SM community! Your artwork is always cool along with that ranting of yours I remember from awhile back. You never did join the voice actor community, but here you are with your awesome welcome banner.

I hope you are well! p.s., I simply can't learn photoshop. I think my creativity skill in that arena is sorely lacking. ;)


I don't even recommend photoshop any more (unless absolutely needed), Adobe has turned into a greedy, slimy monopoly :)

I made the banner in After Effects, also owned by Adobe... one day I hope to go fully open-source and ditch them :)

The voice over opportunity seemed like a lot of work, minutes of reading would have killed me, especially since I usually make grumbly voices that mess up my vocal chords.

Did you see my Dec 18 animation... McDownTrends? It's on youtube.................


No I haven’t seen the McDownTrends animation. Will look for it when on laptop tonight. I don’t navigate too well on phone. 🙂

The grumbly voice would have been awesome for some of the roles. I’m instigating here 😉. I couldn’t find time to do my official voice acting submission either, too bad. Have a nice weekend! P.s., I have after affects plus photoshop but I’m such a newbie! Hah, so much for being a marketing major.


As I recall, the voice overs required A LOT of lines, so that would have killed my voice box :)

I think you might like McDowntrends, it's about the crypto bear market...

I know what you mean about not utilizing what one goes to school for :O

This is amazing! Thank you so much! I am going to use it for Telegram and also FB too! Thank you so much, it is awesome, love it!


Glad to hear it!!! Do you think there could be a 1.5 second pause after the text flows in? Seems a little rushed to me. Maybe something I can change when I have the chance :)

Other than that, always happy to help when possible.

Wow that’s amazing work....I like it.... maybe one for DrugWars???

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If they ask, then sure ☻

I kind of think this one could use a pause after all the words are drawn in though :)

I may need to call the fire station because that animation is on fiyaaaah. xD


And possibly pest control, since it's toadally ratical!?

ALways making the best ever animations for steem, thanks a lot. Today I reached the reputation 70 and included you in a big post with others. I'm glad I met you. ☺

So awesome! Smooth animation, looks pro. I think we'll be seeing this gif "in play" a lot..!


Thanks! Do you want me to make a reduced size version? It's around 6 mb now.


But don't we all have high speed internet with unlimited data! But in all seriousness a 1/2 or 3/4 size version would be awesome..✨

Great Job, that Banner looks awesome!


Thanks a lot, it was pretty fun to create as well :)

It's been a banner week so far!