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RE: Steem Monsters Gif (6.3 mb!)

in #steemmonsters4 years ago

Hi @overkillcoin. Happy to see you adding your art to the SM community! Your artwork is always cool along with that ranting of yours I remember from awhile back. You never did join the voice actor community, but here you are with your awesome welcome banner.

I hope you are well! p.s., I simply can't learn photoshop. I think my creativity skill in that arena is sorely lacking. ;)


I don't even recommend photoshop any more (unless absolutely needed), Adobe has turned into a greedy, slimy monopoly :)

I made the banner in After Effects, also owned by Adobe... one day I hope to go fully open-source and ditch them :)

The voice over opportunity seemed like a lot of work, minutes of reading would have killed me, especially since I usually make grumbly voices that mess up my vocal chords.

Did you see my Dec 18 animation... McDownTrends? It's on youtube.................

No I haven’t seen the McDownTrends animation. Will look for it when on laptop tonight. I don’t navigate too well on phone. 🙂

The grumbly voice would have been awesome for some of the roles. I’m instigating here 😉. I couldn’t find time to do my official voice acting submission either, too bad. Have a nice weekend! P.s., I have after affects plus photoshop but I’m such a newbie! Hah, so much for being a marketing major.

As I recall, the voice overs required A LOT of lines, so that would have killed my voice box :)

I think you might like McDowntrends, it's about the crypto bear market...

I know what you mean about not utilizing what one goes to school for :O

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