10 Steem Monsters Booster Pack Giveaway!!!

in steemmonsters •  2 months ago

To enter: Watch the first minute of the video! It tells all!

You get an extra entry for resteeming, but it's not required! You get another extra entry for each person you tag who might want to enter, but it's not required either!

But if you tag 3 people, you'll get 3 entries for example!

To enter, sign up with my invite link for mene.com, a site where you can buy investment gold jewelry dang near spot price!

The original post is here: https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@nomadicsoul/mene-harvest-plan-and-steem-monsters-10-pack-giveaway

Wanted to do a video version for you non-readers out there haha.

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Greetings, beautiful Nomadic

I am not participating of nothing about steemmonster
Thats nice that you like this. Maybe, some day, i join this game, but, now, i am out

I wish luck to you at this game

You have a beatiful voice. I just miss your face at video

thank you and have a good day!


Oh thanks!! My camera on my computer is really bad. But if I get a webcam I would put my face in it also

Hello @nomadicsoul, my wife @lturner signed up for MENE today using your referral link. She's got her eyes on some of the new rings that came out!

I've used the harvest plan, but I canceled to purchase directly. The customer service is fantastic, they refunded all of the payments made into the plan instantly without any fuss. They really are a top-notch company. Highly recommended.

I'm tagging @o07, @crystalhuman, @cryptomancer, @entrepreneur916 and @bunnymoney


Looks like it’s time to go shopping! 😜🛍


I think yes @o07 haha


Totally worth it! I hear some people will even trade MENE for gold-foil monster cards... @goldmatters


Ahhh sooo awesome!!!!!!!!!! I agree, the more I spend time learning about them the more I love them!!! Thanks so much!!

Fantastic. Great walkthough and explanation of Mene!!


Thanks! I got interrupted about 3 times so it was a little distracting but that's okay! Good enough for now

In the video, @nomadicsoul says to type MENE.com in your browser, but don't do that, use this link: https://mene.com/invite/BQX3yK She will greatly appreciate you doing that - and it's your chance to win lots of Alpha booster packs!


oh ooops haha thanks!!!! I got interrupted about 3 times during the video! Threw me off track haha

Great contest.... for some reason I can’t get the videos to run on my device ... problem on my end I believe.

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I linked to the original post in case anyone needed it. It's toward the bottom. Thanks for stopping by!!


Gotta catch 'em all. Lol wait that's Pokemon lol