Introducing MONSTER WORLD + 300 SteemMonster give away!

Welcome to MONSTER WORLD a fan site for @steemmonsters the cryptocurrency blockchain based card game that's barely 2 weeks old new and yet all the rage right now.


We're starting off this account with a bang... with some cool give-aways.

  • 200 cards will be given out to our first followers (One to every account ... Except bot accounts)
  • 1 Legendary will be given at random to a commenter
  • 10 packs will be given to those spreading the world about @monsterworld through RESTEEMS or however you want to promote. #monsterworld
    That's a total of 301 cards or 50 PACKS worth of @steemmonsters cards

FREE CARD? Just comment so we know you're a real account... cards will be sent in bulk in a day or two. We'll double check it's not a bot but comments should do the trick. Please keep in mind this is a gift.


  • Monster stories (fan stories, series)
  • Strategy posts
  • Market insights
  • News and reviews
  • Resteems of great finds
  • Basically all thing #steemmonsters

Basically we'll keep you updated on the game and be a great must have blog for all the @steemmonsters fans out there.

We have some short stories coming soon as well as trading/market insights by @jarvie coming up.


  • Writers, artists, posters ... who want a great forum to share their content and even earn some money.

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Welcome to Steemit @monsterworld!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

Damn that's a nice project with a great starting giveaway.

Well the give away is solid... but I hope the standard is even higher for the content! We need people pushing us.

I have made a note in my last post about your project. My post is on place three in trending I hope it will help you to get more people to follow you and to grow the @monsterworld community.

Have a nice day :)

Great initiative to spread the Steem Monster far and wide!

I'll be pleased with any of the monsters!

I will Resteem and also share in a brand new Facebook @steemmonsters Fan Group. Http://

Thanks ... followed, upvoted and Resteemed also

You're a gentleman and a scholar!

Followed and Upvoted

Hey, I like that idea. Here is my 100% upvote and Ill make sur to resteem to my 16000 followers :-). Would love to wib a legendary....those are tough to get!

You kick butt!! @steemmonsters is gonna be a great tool to promote STEEM to the masses. Glad to see you jumping on.

Well if you don't get a legendary in the couple packs I will send tomorrow let me know ... this account is gonna have a lot of them. So we'll keep working on getting you one. This particular one has to be totally random. haha.

But you'll have one... mark my words. haha

@cryptoctopus What did you get in the pack that was sent your way?

Welcome... What a way to start looking forward to What you have in stock for us

nice giveaway!!! follower no.102 here :-)
also upvoted and resteemed.
allready got one legendary so far, but a second one would be awesome!

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It's great to see another Steemmonster based project! Good luck :) I'm looking forward to seeing how this project evolves.

Ok, this will be my first card. Thanks!

I'm an Artist too.... will be creating some original @steemmonsters Fan art ... and short stories too

We would love to share some of that. Keep us in mind when you create stuff... we are focused on writers but we'd love to show case art when we post stuff! Have you done some stuff yet?

Awesome! I followed (#160) and also resteemed this post to my 250 followers. Keep it up ;)

Upvoted and resteemed.
I hope I will be lucky to win some cards. Thank you

Steem? I like Steem. Monsters? I like Monsters. Steemmonsters? Take my money please :D

Thank mate for giving away those monster cards. I think I can draw something for your project something is cute or squishy but strong, very strong.

Wow! What a starting giveaway! :D Followed and resteemed and hope many new players get started too!

Go big or go home right? Haha

Here is the latest version of The Wrath Of Dragon, hope you like it.
Turn on the speakers!

Art submitted to MONSTER WORLD contest!

We don't have an art contest as of yet but I love what you've done here! I suppose you'll be creating more cool art?? Please say yes!

Yes Dear @monsterworld, here is another sample, hope you like it!
SteemMonsters Battle Entry!

Wow! That was an awesome intro video!

Upvoted, Followed and Resteemed .... Found you via @offgridlife Resteem

What a guy! @offgridlife may just have to get a pack for that resteem. We'll be working on that tomorrow

Monster world...

That sounds like a nice place to expand my business.

Let me introduce myself,
The name is Akox. Goblin by birth, merchant by trade, hater by choice.

Never shy away from a good deal done in the shadows. Got something that needs trading or disappearing? For the right fee, I got your back. All outside the books of course.

Need something you can't get? Akox knows a way.
Oh and trust me... ways there are. We see it all and we got it all here in the Underlands. Our deals are very cloak and dagger. With an emphasis on the dagger... so have your coin ready.

If you want #steemmonsters we got them. Akox sees a great future partnership ahead.

Haha, Hole smeedballs! that is how you make an entrance B-)

Whole smeedballs? Hands off the nutsack meatbag! Thank you kindly, but don't expect every Akox entry to be this obvious... usually I stick to the shadows.

This is adorable. I followed because I love it. Haha... great pitch.

Adorable? ADORABLE YOU SAY!? Little lady, I was born and raised in the deepest pits of the Underlands! I was born with a dagger in hand.
Thank you regardless... I guess.

Looking forward to more, maybe a walk through of WTF is going on lol my head is spinning as I try to catch up on this madness. 😜

Resteemed and Tweet Tweet

Steem Monsters should be lots of fun. Glad so many people are getting on board!

We are agreed!

Wow this is just amazing! I hope I'll be one of the lucky winners! Followed

Welcome @monsterworld .... This is really cool for gamers who are already at This is an unusual initiative for gamers. I see the Avatar installed in your account still has not revealed As @monsterworld only M and W ... I will make for you an avatar hopefully you like it this:


Oh dang!! Is that your drawing of a dragon?

And yes we don't have much graphic design around here yet... we're focused on writers to begin with... so we're loving the design that's out there right now.

I really hope to get my first Steem Monsters soon! ;-)

Post Resteemed!

@crystalhuman and I bought our first set of booster packs yesterday; we're SUPER EXCITED to see a game that involves crypto, STEEM & SBD especially.
I'm also an artist and will definitely be posting some fan art soon.
Best of luck in this endeavor homie,
Cheers! :D

Well now you'll have one extra card... But also great account for news and cool stories.

For reals!? YEY!!! flails froths at the mouth
@[email protected] Thank you very much XP

Well we'd certainly love to work with artists to use what they create for our posts. Let me know what you have in mind... right now our focus is on writers so we haven't worked on the artist aspect yet.

For now, I have been doing certain cards in a different art style, though I have been wanting to try my hand and designing some new card characters.
I grew up playing RPG's and watching anime, so my style tends to reflect this.
You can check out some of my sketches in the post below:

Monster World

That's one hell of a nice title! Great to see @steemmonsters growing so fast!

Happy to be part of this at such an early stage. Please keep me updated! Very curious about how far this wil go.

Keep up the good work!

Upvoted, Resteemed, Promoted on discord, Shouted at the neighbors (got a shoe in my face)

Yeah it's fun to be on this early.
btw What's the graphic from?

In one of the posts about steemmonsters someone suggested that some fan art should be created of the "Relationship" between cryptokitties generic kitties and Steemmonsters.
Having a moment to spare I decided to oblige and this is what came out.

It's epic, haha.

Thank you! That's what I was going for haha

I am not a bot, and it would be much fun to own a few Steem Monsters. :)

So excited. Let's get this game started. Followed and Resteemed.

Greetings, monsterworld! I wish you a very fulfilling experience here in this culturally diversified yet mostly unified community :) It is very nice to meet you!

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link
@newbieresteemday invite link

Followed & resteemed.

I hope your meta insights work out!

Followed you and resteem your post for spreading purposes. I'd love to make a post on this monster backed dollar soon. :)

Awesome! @jarvie, you are everywhere :D
One question: Do I need to buy the starter pack first?

You don't need to... You will be sent a regular card. But the starter pack will give you like maybe 30 to begin with so you can actually play

Cool :) I will watch the SBD price and get a starter pack eventually, I finally want to try out what everyone is talking about ;)

Now that exams are getting done you can play a bit more?

And by play ... I mean invest ;) haha

I'm not done yet unfortunately, I now have the last tests and my exams start in three weeks. Not sure that getting addicted to Steem Monsters is the best idea now 😅

I'm a real boy, not a bot ;)

Hahah... duly noted!!

Going in hard with the giveaway!
Steemonsters are hot right now!
You are legendary,

Get em while they're hot right? haha

I love this idea! Followed!! 👍
(And re-steemed)

Oh yeah, I'm happy to be the part of the community who can't afford to buy millions of packs, so I can share articles about the struggle between augmenting my Steem ownership vs my #steemmonsters ownership! 😎

Not a bot, but a double-account ;) I will leave it to you to decide if this account is eligible or not

Have any Gold Dragons ?

followed and resteemed, and thanks :)

no matter what publication or how many times I look at them, keep reminding me of Yu-Gi-Oh! and good luck to all

Dude I can’t wait to get started with this. It is just epic!And of course followed and upvoted and resteemed

Wonderful idea. How do you enter the giveaway? I followed. Are you creating your own Discord server too? Are you going to be on Twitter or Reddit?

No plans for that... now... SteemMonsters discord is sufficient for the time being. If someone wants to run the twitter or reddit then we will consider it. This is not a one man show... so if there is support for it we're game.

Awesome! Upvoted, resteemed, and followed.

I'm game. I'll play. Have no clue what it's about but sounds interesting. I'm an excellent writer, both fiction or non-fiction. Let me know. Blessings. Resteem. And Good Luck.

Consider me sold. Fantastic idea for a fantastic game!

Awesome Followed and resteemed!

First-mover advantage on the fansite front? ^_^ Is there a website, or just the steem account?

I'll be checking it out either way. Hope the actual game part of #steemmonsters comes out soon, 'cause that's what I'm most interested in.

Someone would have to take lead on that website front. The account is gonna be good for time being.
And we'll be doing lots of articles about game play as it gets closer

OK, my comment is 62nd so I should be in :-)

I probably have to set up some account somewhere to receive free card, correct? Scratch that, I'm already logged in, just send card(s) to @veleje ;-)))

Interesting idea! I followed and resteemed. Probably will tweet too.

Im anxious to find out what is meant by "strategy posts". @mistermercury do you have a clue for me?

Strategy posts will be mostly when we get closer to tournaments and other game play. We'll have some great players here giving their strategies ... for now it's theory... but we can still talk about stats and about how we see game play going from now until then.

Haha.. nice to see #steemmonsters getting their own fan site! Good work!

I'm sure there will be others... we just want to be the best! haha

Wow! What an awesome giveaway... Thanks! I've only opened a few packs myself, but I can see #steemmonsters becoming an addiction, and this blog is gonna be a regular visit.

#monsterworld #FTW ;-)

Thanks ... part of the fun is being part of the hype and adding even more excitment to the game

I haven't started my collection yet, but should I win, it will be a great incentive/reason to finally do so.
Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

Welcome and thanks for the giveaway!

This is awesome! Definitely followed you @monsterworld!

Thanks for the opportunity! Looking forward to being able to play against my friends in the tournaments!

I'm a real person.

I really want to get into some of these writing stuff for SteemMonsters. However, if I had image parts, I probably could do the posters.

Awesome way to raise awareness about @steemmonsters!

Seems like there are a few people here just hearing about it... I was expecting mostly just steemmonster fans. But i'm very happy it's also raising awareness

I can't believe it's taking off so well and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

@monsterworld I have followed you & upvoted this, I can confirm that I am not a monster and I am a real human trying hard to get out of this addiction.

Haha you're not the only one as I'm sure you know.

There is an error in the post that equals about 60 packs worth of cards

This is one of my favorite projects. I love the card games like hearthstone and magic. And you know, we have cryptos and cards hyyyyype. I hope be one of the winners of some cards, really im so excited about this game.

cool idea, might be interested in joining in on the fun, ill keep watching to see how this all progresses. :)

What are you hoping for? I'm truly interested in what people are keeping an eye on... it may make a good subject for a post.

This sounds interesting. Hoping it's super interactive.

I'd like a card! I'm also interested in learning more about the writing position you have available. What is the best way for us to chat?

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I am absolutely addicted. And soo happy someone is bringing all the information to steemmonsters to one adress!
I posted two entries to the contest so far and just added @monsterworld to the introduction info!
Not much, I know, but hopefully showing the appreciation!

Followed and resteemed!

I'm putting together my collection of #SteemMonsters and then create Fan-Art, the bad thing is that the legendary and epic cards are a bit hard to come out 😂

Followed and Resteem @monsterworld

Greetings 😘

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@monsterworld awesome, that's definitely one of the biggest giveaweys so far!!

I love monsters, I want some, I want to make some monsters !

Seems like a great thing you have going--I love the idea of trading cards.

May the Gods of Randomness choose me.

First Indtroduce with Amazing Post! 🏅

Follower 151, made it in time. Screen shot:
monster world follower.png
Note my user Icon as proof it's me.
Number 731 to vote, I watched it change from 730. As I type it shows 105 comments, so looks like you are off to a real good start. It will be interesting when the first tourneys start up. I am still not sure how this game is going to work, but we will all see how it progresses.

i am also looking forward to the "Lore" stories. I have read a lot of various Dungeon and Dragon Stories from the board game back in the 80's some were good, some were not, but even the not good ones were still entertaining a little bit.

So who is going to carve or use their 3D printer to make the first plastic collectable? those are going to be fun to see also, I myself do not own any Dungeons and Dragon figures, but I do enjoy looking at them in the hobby shops and at yard sales.

It's all about the entertainment, and it seems there will be many ways for people to keep themselves, or others entertained.

Haha yep you're all good. It's actually first commenters... that's the easiest way to do it plus it's chronological and you're totally in. Also great seeing you on the live streem. You're gonna get a really good card... just wait. We're still putting everyone in the list! haha
Turns out to be a lot of work :)

Don't forget to protect your marketing rights, you never know how viral something may go, like in the little figurines, get those license contracts ready so makers can get the we have the official seal of approval from steemmonsters to offer you this, type of thing.

That would be @steemmonsters itself... we are just the supporting fan site. But yes they should.

Thanks, new program, new fan sites, new confessions, hopefully they will notice the comment, and I may drop by their discord room.

Would like to get a card. Thank you!

This is so exciting. I want to collect them all.

Will there be a VR map where we can hunt for SMs in the real world?

That's unlikely you'll have to ask the makers over at @steemmonsters
It's more like magic that pokemongo

Following you. Up to now I have only completed the Common Cards, short of a few on the other levels.

Well, thats a hell of a ride for @steemmonsters - Thanks for making this thing big! Can't wait for the first tournaments and the development of #monsterworld. Cya and thx for the giveaway chance!

I'm real and resteemed your post. =)

Nice to see more about SteemMonsters! I am also real. :P

Where can I find the link to Your fan site?
I am not a robot :D

We'll operate here for the time being. When there is enough players and demand we'll consider going beyond that. We're focused on getting good writers for now and getting everyone on the account.

This is really cool, I will love to be part of this community, to build it together with other steemians as we are building steemjet. I am a graphic design, photographer, steemjetter, etc

Let build steemmonster.
sf7 design by owaniofficial.png

let us know when you come up with SteemMonster related stuff... we'd love to share it!

Follower number 159 in the house! :)

Followed and resteemed! I'm stupidly excited about this game. Also its so nice to see a community spring up around it. Thank you for the give away opportunity! 😀

What a way to introduce a new account. Looking forward to seeing the upcoming content here!

I will follow you and I am not a bot. with this I hope to add insight by following you. success always make you mosnterworld

This is a super cool giveaway! :D Thanks for organizing it!

Very nice seeing you here!

If I'm cheating because I'm one human following Monster World with 2 accounts (@altrosa is my Steem Monster's alter ego :')) then please ignore this comment ;-) If not YAY because I'm so excited for this game!

Looking forward maybe to some battle reports down the road!

battle reports would be pretty fun!!

I am a real account.

I am certainly looking forward to starting my collection!!

already waiting for the trading insights by @jarvie!

Ahhh flattery will get you everywhere!

Hmm, interesting. I like the creation of stories aspect.

Thanks hope you enjoy our first story we just posted!

Upvote and follow. I realy happy if I get a card. Want to be in this game. Resteemed.

Any card left for a real human being?

Anyway, I give you a big hug from @amico!

Yep you're in still... you're on the list we'll be sending them out soon.

It's really cool the fan site... welcome @monsterworld!

Followed and resteemed!

Random comment for the win!