Taking Profits and feeling a bit Disenchanted

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I've started selling off Cards.

Everything I can't use can go!

I've already had my rant about how the new reward structure doesn't help the game at all, and how that probably won't help the "assets" retain value either, in my last post.

Sure, suddenly cutting off the emission of Beta Boosters will constrain the supply of cards on the market, but if you at the same time take away the biggest appeal of the game and replace it with a limited set of abundantly available cards that don't really help anyone in making actual progress in the game... yeah... you get the point.

Not many Options for Progress

Quite literally, there's currently only one option: Pay-to-Win!

If you want to reach higher leagues and make progress in the game, you'll need higher level cards throughout the board. And since there's no available method of levelling up your core deck without buying cards for an unreasonable amount of money... yes, that's my point.

Getting comfortable in my Cul-de-Sac

At the moment, it's a dead-end-road for me.

I'm not willing to invest money just to play a higher league. I would have enjoyed making slow progress and occasionally buying a card to even out a specific combo, but I certainly won't pay to get rewarded with nothing but even more of these Reward Cards with limited utility for my gameplay.

Sure, you can sell the new cards and hope to get something useful for the money, but we can already see that that's going to be an uphill battle against declining prices for this edition of mass-dropped cards.

So, I'll just be contempt with the playable deck I have, and accept that I won't make any progress before the game suddenly changes again, hopefully for the better. In the meantime, I'll sell everything I can't really make use of - especially Gold Foils and Dragon Cards as those would require quite an investment before they'll ever be "usefull" for me.

I Can't really Complain

After all, I've made some decent profits with the game so far.

I guess I was lucky to get in early enough to collect a bunch of boosters and level up my cards into the Lvl3-4 range. I've collected a few Gold Foils and some Dragons along the way and now I've started dumping all those on the market.

I'm keeping track of all my SteemMonsters transactions (pack&card-purchases vs. card-sales) and it's looking quite good to be honest. Here's the bottom line:

  -26.597 SBD
 +133.241 STEEM

After buying my Starter Pack and a few Cards for SBD, most of my sales have been in STEEM. I've been able to power-up this @mongshter account quite decently and I've sent some profits back to my main account: @fraenk.

I'll still be Here!

All in all, I guess it was worth it so far. I'm just quite bummed about the daily quests having turned into a boring grind with lame rewards as opposed to the daily excitement of making steady progress.

I really hope they introduce some positive changes soon. Because who would want to start playing this game these days if there's really no route to the top that doesn't require significant financial commitment?! I thought this was a game, now everyone is only talking about investments!

We'll see ;)


see you on the marketplace


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that's nice... also a pretty smart scheme for optimizing curation rewards ;)

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