My First Legendary from a Booster Pack - and it's a Gold Dragon! But How do Dragons Work?!

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Gold Dragon from a Booster Pack

Look What I got for my Daily Quest!

It's my first Legendary drawn from a booster pack.

Now, this isn't my 1st Legendary, in preparation for the coming season I actually bought one on the market just recently, but I've never actually opened a booster and found one!

And what a fun experience that was! The guys really did a great job with the card-reveal animations and sound effects. Seeing the card shake for a moment, delaying the actual reveal to raise your anticipation... and then... KABLAOW... with a radiant flash on screen and a glorifying thumb on the speakers, the card flips to reveal all it's glory!

Awesome Sauce! It's a bit silly to make such a big deal out of it, these are just virtual trading cards after all, but oh my holy googly, it's such a fun experience!

Should I HODL or should I sell?

It's not only my first Legendary find, it's also my first and only Dragon Splinter card.

That means I won't be able to play this card any time soon. Buying a Dragon Summoner on the market will cost a minimum of about $10... and then what... I've been fighting against a few dragon decks before and they are really strong... but I already invested in my Earth deck for the coming season and I won't be willing to empty my pockets even more just to play that card...

Maybe I should hold on to it... it's a Dragon and just for posterity it's kinda nice to have one... but I told myself to not give into the collector's reflexes and stick to building my usable decks only... ugh... I don't know?

Would you sell it? It's priced just below $4 on the market these days. Or would you hold on to it?

How does this Dragon Splinter work anyways?!?

Serious question to end this post: I really have no clue about the Dragon Splinter's rules.

Does a Dragon Summoner work differently to the regular Splinters? Can you summon only cards from Dragon or Neutral with them? Or can you actually cast ALL kinds of creatures with a dragon Summoner?! The latter would actually be a decent reason to invest in one after all.

If you know how that works, please share in the comments! Thank You!


see you on the battlefield


I myself only have one dragon monster too, the Chromatic Dragon. I'm hodling that for now.

There are only 4 Dragon monsters, one melee, one ranged, one magic and one summoner. Apparently their abilities and stats make them very powerful, or should make them more powerful than other splinters, which is why they are so rare. I'm hoping to be able to complete the collection at some point. I don't know if I'll ever lvl them up though or just keep them at lvl 1. If I get duplicates, I wont combine yet. I'll just hodl untill I can ahve at least one of each to play and see how they fare in battle.

Yeah, I've been matched against a few dragon decks in the past and they always win in a jiffy!

I'm just not sure if I'll be able to play any dragons at all any time soon, so I'm thinking it might be smarter to sell now and use the money for cards I'll actually use?!

It's really tempting to save them for a dragon deck somewhere down the road, though... ugh... I dunno, I guess I'll just hold on to it :P

If you're unsure, hodl. Safe route. At least for SM, in my opinion.

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Actually I don't know anything about is steemmonster can you explain me how to play a steem monster game and where I find this game

it's easy... go to and you'll find all your questions answered!

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