Hey @marcuswahl, what do you say you give those people that have not opened their packs say 6-10 hours to open them or forfeit their entry into the contest? Brings a bad look for you that you don't deserve especially if they open something huge at the last second.

I’m thinking they will not open, just didn’t understand the rules

Why not? I'm game for a round of poker. :)

Aren’t we all :)

I'm usually not in a rush to open the packs, but understand the time constraints. Eh, a set of one pair and two pairs. Interesting game!

Hey @marcuswahl this might sound like a newbie question but it might help myself and other on lookers here.

Do we have some sort of app or Web app in place so I can find the price of steem that equals that exact amount in USD. I noticed you haven't listed how one can check? (I guess with the fluctuation of steem and sbd a nice easy way in checking the value so we can send the correct monies.

I could probably figure it out in two minutes but thought I would drop a constructive conversation here

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It would definitely be helpful. I know many (like myself) won't bother to do the quick two minutes check.

thanks for your feedback beeyou :)

Ok so it's early morning here and last time I dropped my comment was late at night. So here is the Verdict

I jumped on coin market cap website for the first time the link you provided. Its user interface is quite bloated with bulk cryptos. I almost closed the site down until I found the search icon. I typed in sbd. Could see the USD.

Now, if you have landed in the steem monsters world and you don't know diddly squat about crypto. Coin market cap isn't for you.

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thanks bud, I'm okay with people consulting I sort of expect people to look there

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