A Crypto Company Faces Decisions Do You Have the Answers?

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Steemmonsters Looking for Growth

   A steem block chain company, Steemmonsters, faces decisions as it works towards mainstream adoption.  They have built up a loyal audience that has gotten them through 300,000 alpha packs selling at 2.00 a piece grossing 600,000.00.  Recently kickstarter, a fundraising site often used for games, raised another 88,000.00 and a similar site fundition brought in 20,000.00.  That is some reasonable money to start with.  I'm sure they have programming costs, design costs, and staff costs already.  How will they become a household name in every hobby store?

   First, I want to study their target market:

Pure Gamer- These people highly enjoy playing games and make their purchases with the anticipation of fun participating in the game.

Speculator/Investor- With Steemmonsters being relatively new, the cost of it's cards are now low if the game is to take on more popularity.  Thus, this person hopes that the value of the cards increase.

Tournament Player- Steemmonsters has promised to offer guaranteed cash prize pools for tournaments that will be held in the future.  A chance of cash attracts players and players need cards to play.

Cryptocurrency Fans- Since the website is run by the steem blockchain and accepts the cryptocurrency steem, crypto fans will enjoy supporting it.

Pack Flipper- This is closely related to investor, but the person is looking to turn a quick profit by buying the cards now and selling them rather quickly at the start of the game or soon into it.

People That Just Want to Be Part of Something- You might find this category a little strange, but people are social and like working on things together.  It's smaller, but I do think it is part of their market.

Affiliates- These are people that help grow the company by attempting to find new members.  Steemmonsters does offer a 5% referral program.  Attracting affiliates is an additional way bring in more sales.

Steemit- Obviously, this is a huge part of their market.  Steemit is on the steem block chain and it's members are already comfortable with steem.  Steemmonsters and Steemit members go hand in hand.  This is probably necessary if they ever have a shot at mainstream gamer recognition.

   What Have They Done So Far?

   I think they have gotten a good amount of people from the website steemit's membership.  They have accomplished this by rewarding posts that go out into it's blogging network.  Also, the Steemmonsters founders are quite active on the steem block chain.  An affiliate program has been launched to gain the help of a network.

   The Highest Priority

   While it may be the most difficult, I think securing large investors has to be what they are looking for.  Essentially, they can use this money to help with large scale advertising and development.  Their product may not be fully ready for big investors to look at it but they need to get there.

   The next level of importance is the cryptocurrency group.  I find them to be a little speculative in nature because cryptocurrency has not really fully developed yet.  We have no shortage of people out there looking to make money.  People that hold collectibles as investments, hold cryptocurrency and see this as a natural extension, and like to buy and sell things are a big market for Steemmonsters.

   I've taken interest in Steemmonsters and I classify myself as an gamer, investor, tournament player, cryptocurrency fan, an affiliate, and a member of steemit.  I came from steemit.  Where can they find more of me?  

   If you're a part of Steemmonsters what do you classify yourself as?(would go nicely in comments)

Thanks for reading.


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I am certainly similar to your thoughts on @steemmonsters given the potential to increase the awareness and adoption of the STEEM ecosystem. I also see it personally as yet another way to interact socially and meet new people that share similar interests. I am alsobquite competitive and while I have not played these formats of games in the past, I look forward to the process of learning!

I bet it will be fun for you :) and you'll be a quick learner :) thanks for commenting

What I am looking is to be a gamer and provide support for this great project.

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