Steemmonsters giveaway #6 prize pool card ( VAMPIRE)

in #steemmonsters5 years ago (edited)

Friends are all how are you, and you are good and healthy, always have these blessings and wish you all know that I have made a contact this week with @steemmonsters and I am really very happy to present such a beautiful contest among you and I am already I have published my number four contests.

And indeed, I received a fairly good response in my Contest's post and I hope to get more comments in front of me because my contests are very simple and very easy to win a valuable card and I will give it to anyone after seven days.

This means that as many people will comment on this post, I will select one from which I will select randomly.

Giveaway card....(VAMPIRE)


Hope you will partisat this content and of course a good song today's card must be very nice and very important to your role of play,,,,,,


It is very very easy to partecipate:

  • add a comment writing whatever you want, for example I am in or I will win the card

  • tag a steemmonsters player in your comment

  • This contest start #12 April to end #19 April so you can all participants this contest.....

  • 7 days running this contest....

  • No upvote no Resteem no follow just comments on @steemmonsters player name

I'll put all names into a random name picker to decide the winner.

Those who will participate in this contents, I must give them all the name Randam picker and the things that will be done from winner, I will send this beautiful card and precious work to hope that you will do all.....

Join Discrod community @steemmonsters....

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I'm in!!!
Сan u clarify what else i need to do to get a chance?

Tag one @steemmonsters player name

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Thank you.

Thank you? Not understand dear

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As in thank you for hosting this giveaway. (i'm in 😉)

But I say that tag one @steemmonsters player name...r u read my description????

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I edited my first comment, thanks for pointing out.

I'm in and I'll tag @derek0017 who just started playing Steem Monsters.

Thank you great entry

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I am in!
Thank you @mamun123456

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