Congratz Steemmonsters

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One of the best thing you can do in cryptoland is invest your money steemmonster cards and play a game for fun.

My deck has been growing in value continuously as has the marketcap of all cards.

I find this a very fundamental achievement.

Play a game and make money?

It sounds really crazy. Normally when you play games, you know you are wasting time and are not productive.

But here you are buying a crypto token that seems to never lose value, goes up over time and you can play a game and gain these cards that are valuable. In fact if you don't play you are leaving money on the table.

Your deck just becomes more and more valuable the more you play.

This changes things

This changes things. Fundamentally changes what a game is. From time wasting play time that productive people should not do, to something where everyone involved wins.


Congratz to the Steemmonsters team for building something so profoundly valuable and making this world just a little bit better.

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Congrats indeed ... probably the best performing crypto asset in the last 365 days :)

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SM is a game changer!

Indeed, one of the best wa outhere to earn some Steem and then to power up if you want to become a 500SP holder !

Do you know any way I can see the total value of my SteemMonster cards? I'd love to see that data but dont want to do the math myself.

They also have a discord server. On there is a bot that you can ask


very helpful!

I didnt know I could check Peakmonsters, I see it there now, never did see it before! Thank you. $373.19 USD, using market price. Not bad considering I spent maybe $100 of my steem to build this account.

I agree! What a great post!
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Cant wait for a mobile version to then really take off!!!

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greetings, grand @knircky

I igree with you!!!!! In my opinion, SteemMonsters is a better place to invest on steem blockchain

thank you and have a nice day