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RE: gold drop rates up! - Lifetime and daily stats

in #steemmonsters6 years ago

You got that done all in one day!!

Full vote for this awesomeness!!

I was hoping to get an OVERALL drop rate of golds. Meaning what is the drop rate of just getting a gold... any gold?


First of all, great idea!

Now, I'm on it, but I woke up this morning and my dev environment decided to fall apart and give me next to no feedback as to why.


As soon as I get this up and running I'll get this feature added in.

Can we just add those gold drop rates together? 0.9594%
I was suspecting about 1.2% as a very rough guess based on pack distribution that i saw.
However it still remains to be seen if drop ratio will change now that the retrospective stuff is done.

Added the Overall Gold Drop Rate to the lifetime report

And yeah, it was just the sum of the values.

I'm working on some more updates, but wanted to push this out quick.

I agree with you... and you get a full vote for saying it first!

haha thanks

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