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Gold Foil Cards Announced

Well, if you were anywhere near @steemmonsters today you know that gold foil cards were announced today! And because @aggroed and @yabapmatt really thought this through, everyone who purchased packs earlier received a distribution of gold foil cards relative to their current stake. I know, but let's be honest, stake is the right word here.

And yeah, I got a few gold. I was one of the first lucky 21 to get a legendary gold.


As of right now, that count is up to 25. An infinitesimal number compared to the ever expanding inventory of @steemmonsters cards. How small? We have the data now so let's see.

Collection Explorer

Jump in and take a look at your collection in the collection explorer. I've got the display correctly showing the gold image for your card, and it also shows the 'G-' style UID.

The filter didn't fall into place right away and I was focused on more important things so that will be added separately. For now, the gold cards are visible within your collection at least.

Lifetime Stats

I've added a new menu for lifetime stats. I've been looking at daily drop rates, but I realized it'd be interesting to see the lifetime figures.


Lifetime Drop Rates by Rarity

I've summarized the drop rates by rarity over the entire collection of cards. This is real-time and continually updated as new packs are generated.


One important caveat I've realized while building this is that these figures are pull rates from the original purchase and DO NOT reflect later combines. These figures are percentages of the 'original' inventory, not the 'current' inventory. I have all the combine_result data and removed cards, so this is another area I'll explore further.

Gold Drop Rates

The first thing that came to my mind when the gold foil cards were announced was the drop rates. I was excited to see I was already capturing gold cards from new packs, but all the card_award operations for the distribution for prior purchases were still sitting in the block chain waiting. The wait is over!

Gold Lifetime Drop Rates

So, the gold foil cards are a bit more rare than I expected, which is awesome!


You may have noticed that a gold common is more rare than a standard legendary, which makes sense. This definitely adds a whole new level of rarity and excitement to the game.

I'm not gonna lie, I can hardly handle the fact that I have one of only 0.0083% gold legendaries. That's 1 out of over 12,000 cards, or nearly $5,000 USD worth of packs.

And no, it's not for sale! ;)

Gold Daily Drop Rates

Right now, this chart is sort of nonsense. All the data from the first day is obviously skewed since the entire inventory was just created. There's a little bit of data for the second day but this report won't be very useful for at least a week.

Share your golds!

What'd you get? And have you pulled any in new packs? I think that's probably the most exciting, since these all just suddenly appeared in our accounts.

Let us all know what you're seeing in the new gold @steemmonsters universe.


You got that done all in one day!!

Full vote for this awesomeness!!

I was hoping to get an OVERALL drop rate of golds. Meaning what is the drop rate of just getting a gold... any gold?

First of all, great idea!

Now, I'm on it, but I woke up this morning and my dev environment decided to fall apart and give me next to no feedback as to why.


As soon as I get this up and running I'll get this feature added in.

Can we just add those gold drop rates together? 0.9594%
I was suspecting about 1.2% as a very rough guess based on pack distribution that i saw.
However it still remains to be seen if drop ratio will change now that the retrospective stuff is done.

Added the Overall Gold Drop Rate to the lifetime report

And yeah, it was just the sum of the values.

I'm working on some more updates, but wanted to push this out quick.

I agree with you... and you get a full vote for saying it first!

haha thanks

Awesome job here @blervin! I'm super impressed that you pulled this together so fast

Thanks, it's beautiful how quick the code comes together when you're having fun!

@blervin I see your stuff everywhere, you did a wonderful job of putting the stats together on this one!

Thanks so much, I really appreciate that! And I've got a lot more in store so this could get exciting.

@blervin I'm very excited to see what you come up with... you are doing great for this franchise with your stats

Yay!! This is so great. Cards are so beautiful.

I've been looking at the DAILY GOLD DROP RATES and I know you said to wait for more data but it's looking like it may end up being closer to 2% right now it's like 1.7% for the very incomplete day 1?
I was hoping for a rarer drop rate but they did say 2% publicly.

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