Gold foil 'Black Dragon' level 4 in action!

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Hi Steeminas, this time I was testing my new Gold foil Black Dragon level 4. That's a really fascinating monster with the abilities 'Flying', 'Life Leech', 'Slow' and 'Strengthen'. This creature may not be the strongest within the dragon family, but due to it's unique features and impressive appearance it was on top of my wish list. Furthermore it's a really good team player as it strengthens all its allies.

So far I used it in two battles.

The first one was against @cheguevaranbg. Actually, it's not a good idea to use so many magic monsters against the 'Haunted Spirit', but to be honest, I was lucky to have higher leveled cards than my opponent. Interestingly at the end of the fight my 'Black Dragon' had reached a health of 12!

The second one was against @jarunik. In this match, in which all 'Melee Attack' monsters had 'Sneak' ability, especially the opponent's 'Hydra' looked frightening:

However, my golden and black dragons mastered the situation very well:

You may call me naive that instead of upgrading my weak splinters (that means all apart from 'Life') :-) I am buying expensive dragons, but the reasons for acquiring them are:

  • I consider them as a real store of value.
  • I support Steem Monsters (and thus STEEM).
  • It's so much fun watching these gigantic monsters fight (already as a little child I loved dinosaurs)!

Have a great day, and meet you at the battle field! :)


STEEMMONSTER rocks! No idea how to play this, but I heard it's getting more and more attention every day!


No idea how to play this ...

Just try it out! :)

Wanna learn before play!


der legendäre Dragon sieht einfach auch super scharf aus ! Macht sich gut in der Aufstellung. Top!

Looks like massive fun ;)

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Sehr schöne Kämpfe.
Im ersten Kampf hatte der Haunted Spirit ja keine Chance, der war so schnell weg, dass er nur zweimal Magic Reflect anwenden konnte.
Im zweiten Kampf war es auch klasse den Silvershield Archers mit Double Strike und +1 durch Selenia Sky in Aktion zu sehen. Der Gegner hatte ja auch einen Silvershield Archers - vielleicht hätte er auch Selenia Sky einsetzen sollen.
D.h. Du spielst also mit dem Life-Team aber dem Drachensplinter oder setzt Du Tarus Palladium manchmal auch ein ?
Hast Du eigentlich auch einen von den neuen 5-Mana-Summoner ?
Ich hatte ja das Glück den Black Dragon auch zu erhalten.
Zuerst hatte ich mir überlegt ihn direkt zu verkaufen (bzw. sogar in den Handel gestellt) aber als er nicht wegging, obwohl ich 0,01$ unter den günstigsten Preis gegangen war (ja ich weiß ich bin ein Preise Verderber :-)) habe ich ihn wieder rausgenommen und beschlossen ihn zu behalten, aber er ist natürlich nur Level 1.

Mit Tyrus Paladium spiele ich sogar meistens ... aber um den neuen Drachen testen zu können, musste ich ja einen Drachensummoner benutzen ...
Ja, ich habe auch einen der neuen Summoner, den des Erdreichs (Level 1). Vielleicht werde ich in dem Bereich irgendwann aufrüsten.

Darf ich fragen was der Vorteil von Tyrus Paladium gegenüber den Drachensummonern ist ? Der eine Manapunkt weniger ? Weil ansonsten dachte ich, dass die Unterstützung +1 Malee (Daria) bzw. +1 Range (Selenia Sky) nützlicher ist als die +1 Schild vom Tyrus Paladium oder liege ich da falsch ?
OK wenn Du natürlich vorwiegend auf Magie-Angriff setzt bringt Dir weder +1 Malee noch +1 Range viel. Ich habe gerade noch einmal ein Bronze-League-Turnier gespielt (Single Elemenation) und bin nach dem Sieg in der 1. Runde in der 2. Runde genau an Selenia Sky gescheitert, weil die die Bogenschützen mit +1 Range so stark gemacht hat, dass die mich einfach weggeschossen haben.

Kommt immer auf die Kampfsituation an ... Schild kann sehr nützlich sein.
(Btw.: Melee, nicht Malee!)

OK ich versuche mich zu bessern, aber irgendwie schreibe ich immer ein a statt einem e.
Hast Du eigentlich auch diese 2 Mana-Summoner ?
Alles auf Max. Level (außer den ganz Neuen) ?

Nein. Die Mana-2-Summoner habe ich nur auf niedrigen Leveln.
Schau mal hier.

Oh yes @jaki01, this game is becoming more interesting to me and seeing your achievements, I want to play it!

Good to see I’m not the only maverick here ;-) Resteemed.

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Thanks! :)

O man, that one card alone would crush all my battles teams. It would be able to do it single handed!

Don't underestimate the small soldiers, especially if they are many. :)

Does you username implies that you are placing arbitrage bets?

Normally not, but if I do find one, I will take advantage off them. We can easily spot 4 or 5 per week on Betscorum.
I rather plat full cover parlays!

Going to play some tenns now. Will read them tomorrow!
Feel free to join our Sport Betting Community on steem. You can find us at @sbcbot and on discord!
If you are still betting in sports betscorum could be a gold mine! It is a betting exchange combined with a blogging part!
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I follow @sbcbot now.

These days, most of the time, I am betting with AsianOdds88, whose software offers the odds of the leading Asian bookmakers plus Pinnacle.

I may check betscorum. However, I don't own SCR ... and so far don't plan to buy some. If there would be an initial bonus, I might use it to test the betting platform. Also, why not just ask the site operators to accept STEEM ...?

I didn't write about sports betting since quite a while, but I may do it again in future ... let's wait and see. :)

If you do you may add the sbc tag to the post. The bot will discover this and will give you a small upvote. Not to big, because it doesn't have enough SP.


@jaki01, Definitely these words saying that you are really passionate and excited torwards Steemmonsters Ecosystem. Let's hope that your deck will going to become more powerful and i am not playing Steemmonsters these days but will join soon and have to win some battles 🙂. Stay blessed.

Thanks! In case you start playing, you may choose using my affiliate link.

Welcome brother. I am already into Steemmonsters and in my opinion one of the user of Steemmonsters Ecosystem from early days, just paused for too long and now thinking to play again. Have a blessed time ahead.

What a beast of a card! Looks amazing!

That's really cool @jaki0😉 I haven't tried even a regular level one black d😁 I sold it to get some beta cards i need to complete my deck. She's even better than a unicorn!

Sweet card!!!

Did you win the Black dragon or did you buy it?

Level 4 means I had not only one ... I won one and bought three ... :)

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Excellent results @jaki01 and you become an increasingly experienced player!

Black dragon game very good , nice post @jaki01

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