Bought some of the very last Alpha edition booster packs!

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I just saw the post of @steemmonsters warning that only 7768 Booster packs were left. So i decided to buy some of those. Carefully i bought 5 pack. Then i decided to buy more and after refreshing the browser

all packs were gone!!

only 16 minutes after they posted the warning. I am so proud to be a part of this and owning some of the very last Alpha edition booster packs. This game has huge potential.
Cheers Ivan

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Yes, it was amazing to watch. I was in the #SteemMonsters Discord at the time, with Aggy and Yaba and a whole heap of SteemMonsters fans. We were getting constant updates from people as the number of booster packs slipped away. It was an amazing atmosphere, a real celebration of the success of SteemMonsters. Glad you got some of the last packs. I would have loved to buy more myself, but I can only afford to get them with my post creation and curation payouts, and my wallet is all tapped out right now, haha.

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i'll bet it was a great atmosphere in the discord chat! i think its a good think to be tapped out because of steemmonsters haha! just made vlog about the topic on dtube:!/v/ivansnz/evpzbmlc