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3 Key Points Now That Steemmonsters Has Started!

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I have only one question which I have outlined far broader in a comment.
If paytoplay or staketoplay as it was put in the steemitblog
doesn't really matter to me.

My question is:
When will they announce how this will work with earning (via playing) XPs - or will this originally announced feature come at all?

As said, the question is detailed broader above.
In short why it is so important:
It is the basis of decision how to interact with the game and how to conduct ones approach and
how to market the game to possible outside (non-steemit) players (especially if we could consider the competitors like Hearthstone or Gwent (this smaller one more in the steemmonsters range)).

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That is a very good question and one that hasn't been answered yet... There has been many things said and nothing definitive. How the XPs will work and I agree that it is super important... My guess is they are very focused on how to deliver it and learning a lot from everything they are doing right now. I doubt they will start the tournaments without it being answered, so I think you have less than 30 days for that answer.

My guess is they will do it and limit it to games played during SM sanctioned tourneys. They might even tier it based on the level of tournament played too... (ie the big teams get more xp than the little ones)... that's just my guess, but I think they are well aware that people are expecting XP from the cards and they developed the cards with the XP to be given in mind.