The struggle is real.

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I am very sorry to be so serious on a weekend, but after my recent realization that steemit can be quite good for one's soul, I felt I would get something pretty huge off of my chest.


Hi, my name is @hanshotfirst and I am an addict.

It has been 9 hours since I have fed my addiction.

It has also been 10 hours since my addiction first started.

I'm a little nervous, let me start again.

Hi, my name is @hanshotfirst and I am addicted to Steem Monsters!

In my last post I mentioned how I almost never post about steemit. And yet, in the span of three days, I am doing it twice. But it is not my fault! I swear! These damn monsters made me do it!

Just look at them!

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 9.55.20 AM.png

How could I possibly resist what @aggroed and @yabapmatt have created? (Thank you!)

I am a self proclaimed geeky man-child. I collect toys and go to comic book shows. How in the Hell could I possibly resist these things. Oh and to top it off, I have "friends" like @sirknight pulling me in real close and whispering, "Hey kid, try this. You'll love it. The first one's free." That's how they get you. The damn free first one. Thanks @sirknight for being such an excellent pusher! (By the way, I am completely kidding. @sirknight is trying to do some real good around here. Please check him out.)

So after one night, I am totally addicted. I started off just opening the one @sirknight sent me. Then I decided I should buy one just to see how the purchase worked. Then one more, then another, then another, then another... then 95. I'm not kidding. It didn't feel like it at the time but looking back, I bought NINETY-FIVE packs of these cards in a little over one hour.

And I had a ton of fun doing it!

I definitely had more fun than this kid did.


Why am I an addict even before the game mechanics have been released?

The Geeky Dad's Guide to Steem Monsters

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 10.17.29 AM.png
Screen capture from

Steem Monsters is a brilliant idea! Even though the official game mechanics are unknown, I know enough about these types of games to see the potential. Here is what I already love:

  • The artwork on the cards is well done. It seems they went for more of a fun style than anything too serious. I love it!

  • When you buy the packs, you have to "open" them. (That is a big deal for this kind of game. The "hunt" to find rare cares is as much fun as the game.)

  • The site is incredibly easy to use. It is easy to buy and gift cards or packs. This also means you can start trading with people you trust. Trading is another huge part of this addiction. Trying to complete your set and "winning" a trade is also so much fun.

  • They have 4 levels of rarity. I bought 150 cards and only got one of the absolute rarest level. That level is.... wait for it... Legendary. (Edit: then I bought another 325 cards and ended up with 6)

  • I also got 19 of the next level down (Epic) so they did a good job of creating the excitement of the chase.

  • It felt so good to actually buy something directly with SBD. It is true all I have are some digital cards... but I also had fun opening them. And look at that! I got a freaking Lightning Dragon!

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 10.38.22 AM.png

I'm going to ride that dragon

  • You can stack the cards to make them more powerful. So getting doubles, triples or... 16 (like I have of one) is not a bad thing.

  • The transactions are really fast. (This is an EXCELLENT example of what Steem can mean for existing companies or start-ups)

  • By purchasing them, I felt I was supporting an awesome project built on Steem.

  • It will hopefully spark other creative people to develop other fun games built on Steem.

  • The game is going to encourage true community building. I envision being able to compete in tournaments with a wide variety of steemians who I have not met yet. It is going to create a common bond between steemians from all corners of the platform. It is going to encourage a large group of people to all "pull on the same rope" in order to try and make the game a success. And it will be a model of the idea that each individual person may choose to pull on that rope in a different way. Some may just like collecting and trading. Others might love competing. Many may want to buy and sell the cards like investments. Artists may have fun designing new cards. Those with technological skills may try to figure out ways to improve the game. People could gift them to others in order to try and brighten their day. No matter how they do it, all of these people will be trying to contribute to the overall success of the game. I can't think of anything more "Steem-like".

Come on everybody! Let's pull Steem Monsters up!

Oh. One more...

  • I can't wait to play it with my kids.

Yeah that's it. I'm not an addict or an immature, geeky, dorky, man-child. I'm just a really caring dad.

I happen to care so much that I think I will go buy some more right now to show just how awesome I am at being a dad.

F.Y.I. I decided to open a special account called @hanshotfirst-sm for the vast majority of my Steem Monsters related posts.

Images 1, 2, 3

My collection, the game description and The Lightning Dragon are screenshots from

Thank you @aggroed and @yabapmatt for creating this and generating so much fun!

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This seems familiar to me I do not know why Hahahh
Funny ..
Great post well done..

Yeah sure I think it's absolutely an amazing concept introducing steem monsters . And I have heard it's really fun and we should all have at least some monsters.
But I haven't played it yet and I don't know if it requires something to do because I am just a plankton, and I cannot afford to buy monsters with steem.
Though I would like to know more. Thank you.


The game hasn't launched yet. that is the funniest part. I am hooked even before the I know the rules. I just love the idea of it so much. I think it will be a ton of fun.


Hearing the big names behind these cards – @aggroed and @yabapmatt, I didn't need a prophet to know that something big was on the way. @hanshotfirst, there is a jusfification for your addiction

Wow @hanshotfirst this is something new for me, I guess I missed this out. Steem monsters haha looks so interesting, I feel like I should also start with it.
Your collection looks interesting too. I see this could be an addiction as it became yours. I will right away look into it and will start with my collection. I must say @aggroed and @yabapmatt they created something really exciting. Good work sir @hanshotfirst I really like the way you address your thoughts, keep up the good work.

I really love the idea and I can't wait to see the game mechanics get started. Aggroed and yabapmatt have done a great job.

It's exciting to see how many members of the community have embraced this project. It's really refreshing.


I agree 100%. So many different people are talking about it. I know there have been far more useful projects. But have any brought so much fun in such a a short period of time?

Cant wait to see you in the tournaments!

i think this game can grow!

but do you think we can spread it out of the steemit community?


I truly do. Hopefully over the next couple of months, it will become easier for people to buy steem. There are options now for people to get accounts through blocktrades or anonsteem so that is less of a barrier.

Why the hell not? Its a must, we must pull the steem monsters up. I read a similar post by @sirknight and it sparked my attention. Now with this i guess am on my way to addiction. Lol


Yep @sirknight is the one who got me started.

You bought 95 in such a short time? Wow I think you were thrilled with the steem monsters, so what you say seems to be a game of strategy and that makes it more fun, in addition to growing your collection, makes your brain cells move in each game, I think I feel motivated to try it.


Yep. I tried to only buy a few packs... but then I got a Legendary and wanted to see if I could get more. It was fun.

Oh I know, opening those booster packs is addicting! lol

How could I possibly resist what @aggroed and @yabapmatt have created? (Thank you!)

This is really cool, they are surely good witness brought the life on steemit lively with a lot of activities and application putting in place just like steemmonster which is really a monster with different, I first got to know through @exyle he is a good man with a lot of surprise.

The game is going to encourage true community building.

I totally agree with you on this, I can't wait to pay this game.


I hope we can play against each other some time.

Good to see you Han. I've been meaning to talk to you, but steemit chat is broken... can't find a way to talk to anyone on there. Always appreciate your posts. Take care of yourself (I guess it's what you're best at)


Well played!

I am on discord now.

Hahahahh, you are indeed an

@aggroed and @yabapmatt did a wonderful job, who want to associate with monster on the normal day? But with their creativity they have made monsters look so friendly and attractive to the extent that everyone wants to hold hundreds of them... Hahahah

Look at that light dragon, you will understand the creativity I'm talking about, no wonder you become an addict.

Together, we all need to become an addict of monster game by pulling it together and have fun as a result.

What other game would be better than this, you can catch fun playing it, you can sell it and make money, you can gift it and brighten someone's day and still many to come...

Another beautiful thing about monster game is the value it add to steemit coin, you can use the coin to buy stuff directly without changing it to fiat money, that's the acceptability we have been preaching so far, thanks @aggroed and @yabapmatt for allowing it to start from you.

@sirknoight is one of the good leader I respect so much on steemit for his large heart and love for the masses thank you for presenting in this good way again...

Let the game kick start so that we win together.


I hope to see you on the battlefield ASAP!


Hahahah, let the battle began.

I have been seeing these things all over the place. People have been sharing them on discord. I have been trying to avoid it because I know I would be in the same boat you are in right now. My addictive personality might not be able to handle anymore steemit addictions. I already look for any spare time to feed the addictions I have. I loved playing Pokémon and Yugioh with my kids and I know I would love these things. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out and this post is only making it harder!!! Thanks!!! 😱


I am hoping that the game will be so fun that my kids will like it. Then I can feed an addiction while spending quality time with them. Then I won't feel so guilty lol.

I was very surprised that I became addicted as well because It hasn't even started yet. But the hunt for the cards is fun and they do make it so easy to buy lol


Yep. They definitely know what they are doing. And since they did this so well, I have faith that the game mechanics will be fun as well.

Hhhh so I should say I am an addict too lol. The same happened to me! I wanted to buy only one to see, but ended up buying 25 and still planing to buy in the next days. And as you said, it was nice to buy them with SBD. Thats exactly what we need.
Enjoy your weekend and lets wait for the battle to start :P


I hope to see you on the battlefield ASAP!

Can't wait for the launch!

Sir @hanshotfirst i appreciate your gaming addiction. And we are pleased if you always sharing your gaming experience with us. Thank you💜

Ahhhhh the monsters got you too! XD

@mrviquez won't stop talking about it! He just did an hour long live streem opening packs the other day.

They're invading, everywhere... Is it futile to resist? Should I just surrender? (Honestly I probably would have already if I had the funds. I was a Pokemon master back in the day and Yu-Gi-Oh, forget about it no one could touch me.)

Yeah that's it. I'm not an addict or an immature, geeky, dorky, man-child. I'm just a really caring dad.

That's some good justification right there sir, textbook. So, have to buy 100 packs for each kids to open with them right? (I'm kidding don't take that as advice!)


Yep. I am a blackbelt in justification!

With the way you write, I bet you will have the funds in no time.


Ah no! If I start scold me harshly haha, Steemit funds go to eventual Masters degree, hopefully PhD, not addictive playing cards games XD

hahahahaha! ...I don't know what happened... All I remember is blacking out then waking up with 570 cards surrounding me? * shrugs *
My daughter actually caught me opening cards last night oops. So now even if I wanted to stop (not happening) I couldn't anyway, now that she has discovered them!


LOL. Luckily I opened mine at 1:00 AM while everyone else in my house slept. But it is only a matter of time before the kids find out.

lololol! It is definitely addictive! I signed up over the weekend and landed on 2 epics from my first 2 booster packs. The 3rd pack did not give me anything exciting though... Hmmm, i said I was not a gamer but Steem Monsters seem a lot of fun and yeah, I may have to play this with my kids too! :D


One of the reasons I like the concept is that you don' have to be a gamer. I think collectors and investors can have fun with it too.

This steem monster game looks really interesting. And as you said you are addicted to it I might get addict too. I love these kind of games. I see the build is really nice, you also mentioned that the transactions are really fast and that is so amazing.
@hanshotfirst thanks a lot for bringing this up, it's really awesome to see you collection, soon I will have one of my own. Good luck


I hope to play steemmonsters with you ASAP. I can't wait for the game to launch!

Haha, awesome, glad you also are infected - I tried to stay away but could not resist - are you complete or need any cards? I need two legendary ones still


Wow! You only need 2?! Nice job.

I am missing 4 and have an extra Lightning Dragon if that is one you are missing and want to trade.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 7.46.50 AM.png


I am complete now - hooray! But I might buy some more packs to level up

I got bad advice once.... long story short it's why I only have one testicle now instead of the normal 2.

Interesting game. I also wanted to try to play.

The steem monster game is addicting to play and also very exciting and interesting, i definitely know for sure that more gaming applications will be integrated into the steem blockchain and also other more interactive apps

I am a self proclaimed geeky man-child.

Quote of the day!

Keep doing what you can do and get excited in the steemit promo.

nice post, keep on the track..regards me @azroel from Indonesian. good night!

Funny games for children. Any games draw people. We must count on our time for games.

My cat :)

Yeah, it does look interesting. And I can see where it becomes a Passion and maybe even more. Thanks for sharing @hanshotfirst

While fighting with my cat:))

Although the game has not launched yet, it sounds pretty, pretty good. And even more exciting the way you tell it, I'll be watching friend!

This just makes me remember about Yu-Gi-Oh.
Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 12.42.57 am.png
Are they the same?