Thanks Steemit for preserving these funny memories for me.

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During my 24 moons here on Steemit, I think I can count on one hand the number of posts I have written about Steemit. For me, I feel like writing about Steemit is tantamount to "breaking the fourth wall" in a movie. I don't feel like this is the case for everyone. I truly enjoy reading others' posts about the platform. However, in general, it just doesn't fit my style. That is actually one of the things I like best about Steemit... there is a place for everyone's unique style.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 1.06.22 AM.png

But today, I feel differently. Perhaps the fact that the best fourth wall breaker of all time, Deadpool, is so popular right now, is affecting my subconscious. For once, I actually want to acknowledge I am writing on a platform that will memorialize my words forever.

Recently, I was chatting with @surpassinggoogle about his new initiate #ulogs. I am sure each person interprets the idea differently, but I see ulogs as a way to encourage people to do something that we don't do enough of... celebrate ourselves. It's OK to be proud of ourselves as long as we aren't bragging or putting others down. I also see this as a way to encourage people to reignite the lost art of personal journaling. For years, people told me I should keep a diary or personal journal (I'm honestly not sure what the difference is). But I was always too busy. In addition, I always felt I was too cool to be a dork that writes down what happened to him each day. After all, diaries are for teenage girls. Oh and apparently they are for a couple of billion other people as well. Because that is what social media has become: an electronic way to journal.

Some people use words. Others use images. Some use videos. Either way, now more than ever, individuals are keeping track of their activities more than at any other time in human history. Thanks to Steemit, I accidentally became one of them.

I never looked at Steemit as a diary. However, that is exactly what it has become. Thanks to Steemit, memories of my childhood, examples of my growth, details of my first date with my wife, stories about my kids, vacations, and reflection on my teaching are preserved on the Blockchain forever (oh and there might be a movie review or two as well).

Therefore, moving forward, if you visit my blog, you may find some pretty random stuff that I simply wanted to preserve so I can look back on it 40 years from now.

Allow me to start here...

This week, two funny things happened that I never want to forget.

First, a colleague sent me an email about a student in my class. This particular student is on the Autism spectrum. She spends most of her day feeling very nervous. Needless to say, having to learn about 20th century Genocides can be very challenging for her. I reached out to my colleague who is the girl's case manager. I explained that we would be watching parts of Schindler's List in class and that the young lady might need some support. My colleague emailed me that if the student became upset, I should send her to her case manager's office to process her feelings.

I responded with...

"If there is a problem I will end her."

Yep. I missed the all important "s" in "send".

So now I look like I'm the guy looking to "end" a scared girl.

That is teacher of the year material right there for sure!

I will never live this down. For the rest of my career, my colleagues will be busting my balls over this one.

"Uh oh. The kid forgot their homework? Please don't end him!"

"A kid failed a test. Hanshotfirst will end him for sure."

"Someone stole the school canoe? He will be ended."

"Billy spoiled the end of Infinity Wars. That's an ending for sure."

I'm sure it will be mentioned at my retirement celebration.

Now for the best comment of the month!

I am a smart ass. It appears that my 10 year old daughter MJ is following in my hoof-steps.

For mother's day, I decided to surprise my mom who is a regular at a Karaoke bar that caters to 60 to 75 year olds. On my way out the door, MJ asked, "Do you think grandma is a good singer?"

I searched for a diplomatic answer.

I found it.

I replied, "I just really enjoy watching people having fun and doing their thing. It doesn't matter if they are good or bad. All that matters is that they are brave enough to have fun."

Nailed it!

MJ immediately responded, "So if I thought robbing banks was fun, would you enjoy watching me do that?"

I responded, "I'd enjoy it once... until the police caught you."


Even my choice of pictures shows I'm a smart ass.

There we go. Two things I never want to forget preserved on the Blockchain forever.

Thank you Steemit!

And thank you for indulging me.

Now it is your turn. Did anything funny happen to you this week that you want to remember forever? Share it in the comments below or write a post about it and link it here.

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That is precisely one of the most precious things in this social network, the fact of freely expressing our material. Personally, I had always wanted to share classic and contemporary music material on networks, I started on YouTube less than a year ago and I was fortunate to hear from Steemit thanks to one of my cello teachers, who invited me to join the community and today we enjoy each other's musical content, as well as that of other colleagues who already have a longer journey on this platform. Likewise, I enjoy your content and your way of capturing experiences lived as entertaining stories.


Most welcome sir..


Thank you sir..


I am so happy you found this platform! I truly enjoy your take on more modern music with the cello.


I'm glad you enjoy it!


I am so happy you found this platform! I truly enjoy your take on more modern music with the cello.

That's what I love steemit. Preserves your information like a refrigerator preserves your stuff. It does all this without any leak of information. I love steemit.


Exactly! I am so happy that I have preserved so many stories already.

Steemit is oppurtunity.
I like steemit because its a platform for me to express my talent my hardwork.

I took a rib cracking laughter after reading this, you know your posts have the humor factor it's like an adventure movie always having action and suspense.
Steemit of course is more than a blockchain, and for most of us here, it's become more than a blockchain where you can come and earn money, yeah #ulog concept is amazing it's the best self uplifting medium where one can use their story to inspire, I'd like to see you do an ulog post someday.

Well I hope you didn't eventually end up ending her?


LOL. No I was able to refrain from ending her.

Steemit allows us to expresses our passion in creative ways either through content writing or vlogging , it also brings out the best of us that dwell inside of us. It is a platform that stores our information for life and makes us to appreciate better how the platform has made us a better writer and improves our creativity

a very good post @hanshotfirst, your words can be a great motivation for all of us in working in Steemit. I think now that Steemit is growing for the future, because I see, now there are so many people who support Steemit, and now many new projects are created for us all to work in Steemit according to the talent we have. Like the project being done by @surpassinggoogle that is #ulog. Here we can work to produce something useful for the people.

I think you have been in Steemit for 24 months, and surely you have a lot of experience in Steemit, so you can be successful until now. Thanks for sharing @hanshotfirst, and hopefully you will be more successful for the future... :) lol


I really like Terry's project. It is good for people to celebrate themselves ever now and then.


yes, that's true as you say, with Terry project, everyone can work in Steemit, and can help beginners in Steemit to be successful.

yup it's pretty interesting to see how technology can change our lives. No longer do you need a physical pen and paper to store all your memories. Moreover, your memories are "shareable" on the blockchain. Gosh how I love technology.

Interesting idea. We at the Steemit are conducting their own life diaries.

And many people like to sing, like your mother! I like to watch funny cartoons! And in life only work.

Steemit is without a doubt the best diary that I've ever had. Here's my 'funny' story / anecdote :

Two days ago, I was sitting outside my temporal bungalow at a camping in Portugal, staring at my laptop's screen. I was (re)reading an E-book called Super Accelerated Living and was submerged into a segment where its writer states that everything outside of you is just made up by you. You see and experience what you want to experience. It's not real.

Suddenly I heard a car horn honking close to me. I ignored it for twenty seconds or so ( the car honked repeatingly ). I kept ignoring it and focused on my reading. At a certain moment, I couldn't ignore it anymore and turned my head to the left. I saw my twin sister's boyfriend sitting behind the steering wheel of their camper, my sister sitting next to him, smiling. They are in Portugal too but I hadn't seen them in weeks and this was a surprise visit.

It all came at a moment when I tried to believe that everything we experience is constructed. Then again, I am also practicing the law of attraction more and more and, to be honest, I had been wanting to seem them for a while now, I just thought it wouldn't happen that soon.

Have a great day and greetings from a rainy Portugal,



That is fantastic! What a great surprise and now you can remember it forever!


True that! Funnily enough, something similar happened to me a couple of hours ago. I decided to write a post on it that you might want to give a look ;>)

Have a great (rest of the ) day,



That is fantastic! What a great surprise and now you can remember it forever!

Well, lately I haven't had much fun. Most of my time is spent on my phone, reading and commenting on the article. Yesterday was the worst. I spent the 14 hours on my phone, from 6 a.m to 8 a.m, without food or water. I had to tell myself that I needed a break, but here I am again.


Give yourself a break!

I Thank Steemit for so much but also because it introduced me to wonderful people i would never haves gotten to know you included we have just bought a puppy so you can imagine the funny things happening here... all off them have a nasty smell..


Oh wow! What you weren't busy enough? LOL


To busy, she's for my daughter but we seem to have her more. Shes worn me out, I'm in so much pain. Stupid blonde moment... lol

lol, thanks for sharing your funny moments. I really needed to read such posts. Do try your hand in the @comedyopenmic contests


was it you? I remember reading a post about showing the class a demo of a potato slicer?


Thank you sir..


Yesp that was me. It was a potato ricer and I cut myself with it. So I guess it turned into a slicer...


So, I still have some of my memory left. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Thanks!. I have not yet. I like to leave those contests for minnows on steemit who truly need the support. I am very lucky to have such an active group of followers..


welcome, dear

lol i think MJ is one step ahead of you
ending her would have been a permanent solution for her nervousness

I was teaching a safety class about stress in the workplace at the union hall, my class was three apprentices, and I being a journey man revealed how great life was going for me at present. One guy remarked on it, so we got to a part about stress affecting the body and I brought up cold sores. Turns out I'm the only one in class who gets them when I'm stressed out, I turned to the guy and let him know his life wasn't so bad.


LOL. That was very kind of you!

Your daughter is so smart, how on earth could she come up with that question.. Lol.


Thanks! I was very impressed.

I never thought of it that way but you are right. Steemit is exactly like a journal of our lives and a collection of our thoughts and ideas. This is kind of great considering I have never been great at keeping things like that recorded or organized. I have only been here for a little more than 4 months and I already have recorded so many memories.

As for funny things that have happened this week? It would have to be something I watched. I went to see Deadpool for my birthday and it was hilarious but I think one of the funniest scenes might have been during the credits. Thank you for trying to fix that for us Canadians Ryan Reynolds. lol


I think he is perfect for the role.

Steemit is a Blockchain Masterpiece. I have no doubt on it...

hahahah your daughter is so smart ass

I like steemit despite some people bashing it like all is unfair but we just have to enjoy ourselves here, offer our passion in life and surely good things will follow @hanshotfirst

Love your Post @hanshotfirst :). And Iam like you as I prefer blogging with my own unique style on various subjects ( outside Steem).

Also you're daughter is a smart girl. Love her quick response. Way beyond her years :)

Thanks for changing things up a bit with your Blog here at Steemit. I think I will be back for more... as somehow the talk of why Witnesses should not be a part of EOS or who is the devil that keeps raping the Rewards Pool gets kind of wearisome for me ;) lol

We have people who never lost that habit of childhood, I still keep my diary and I write in it, I think it is a way to help my mind to remember, photographs are a support material for memories. MJ is very smart! I have a nephew of the same age and he is also very know-it-all and very foolish. I'm your fan @ hanshotfirst , of the best teachers I've ever met. God bless you always.


Wow. Thanks for the kind words. I have enjoyed your work in steemiteducation. Keep up the excellent work!

Wonderful funny memories. I appreciate your wonderful sticker and beautiful writing. Thanks a lot sir @hanshotfirst for sharing your fun moments with us.

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There are lot of funny thing happened.and all were in log to ulogmy day.
Thank you that you are one of those #uloggers.I am your fans

I will end her
That was hilarious hahahahaahahah. It's a very funny anecdote to remember to the end of times.

post a useful friends, I am very impressed with you.

One of the most impressive post, really you write that too much funny words, obviously it's your opinions but I am so impressed. You are most welcome for your funny post.

Really nice articles and so funny @hanshotfirst

A funny thing that happened to my friend Jonny this week....

Because it is considered quiet and safe Jamal and Jenny finally make love in the empty warehouse. Jonny who happened to be on the tree saw it and really enjoyed the spectacle.

After making love, both of them talked:

Jenny: Mal, I'm afraid of getting pregnant.
Jamal: It's impossible to get pregnant, it's just this once.
Jenny: But my friend said I can Mal. What if I'm pregnant?
Jamal: If you pregnant, then we just leave to the One above.

Suddenly Jonny came down from the tree and grew angry: "It's nice of you, I just watch, you ask me responsibility. CAN NOT!!"

Ka vote ku hy

Great insights, @hanshotfirst. I have read a number of your blogs. I regret not having you as a teacher, but in a sense you are my teacher now. You are very fortunate to have a platform where you can share your inner self with your students. Now, with steemit, you can be a teacher to the world. I so much look forward to learning what's really important in life from you. Thank you!

My cat :)

While fighting with my cat:))