Giveaway Steemmonsters Cards - Day #3

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Hallo Steemmonsters fan! today is Day 3 that I want giving you all about 16 cards for 16 names that are randomly generated. For example not up to 16 names I will still distribute 16 cards to the names of the selected ones. good luck!!!


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  • Comment on this post with your steemmonsters account username
  • The Winners will be chosen in the next week using Random name picker

Welcome to the next giveaway, cheers!

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Cool giveaway --- @rentmoney

Sm username: hattaarshavin

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SM Username: whoarewe

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Hello. Username: Omegafenix

sm username: muhammadarif

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Username : fadilla-camellia

Hey there @hafizul, thanks for another great giveaway. My #SteemMonsters account is @trisquelwhare. I'm building out a Lyverian  (Green/Earth Splinter) Team, so I'd really like to win some of these! Thanks again for the opportunity here.

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Great Giveaway! My steemmonsters account @masterthematrix

Got my vote and my resteem
Stever82 on SM
Thanks again very nice of you.

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