Let's Celebrate 300k alpha booster packs sold out!!! Giveaway Cards - Day #1

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common fire day1.png


Hallo Steemmonsters fan! we know that yesterday the alpha cards from Steemmonsters have sold out as much as 300k booster packs. You will not get these alpha cards by buying a booster pack later on, because only beta cards are available. so it can be said that this alpha card is a rare card that can only be obtained now on the steemmonsters market. To celebrate, I will give you a common card with type fire today as many as 20 cards for 20 names that are randomly generated. For example not up to 20 names I will still distribute 20 cards to the names of the selected ones. good luck!!!


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  • The Winners will be chosen in the next week using Random name picker

Welcome to the next giveaway!

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Geniales cartar, ya las quiero jajaja usuario: robinsonlgil

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Cool giveaway ...

@rentmoney is my monster name !

Let them fire cards come! Intending to build and upgrade my deck around those 😁

Never say no to getting some additional cards - @sparkesy43

SM Username: onefatindian

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@gregory-f on Steem Monsters also :)


I hope to have that army of fire in my hands!

hopefully that package can be mine // @fmbs25

@chilix is fine

@andrades I hope to be one of the lucky ones

how horrible :( you can not play this game even if it's wanted, because of my internet :( if it's good?

Great promotion thank you @masterthematrix

Hi there, thanks for the giveaway. I'm cluster2k on both #steem & #steemmonsters, hope to receive some cards! ;)


I wanna those cards!


Try my luck here, good luck everyone :)

Thanks for the giveaway. My monsters name is @ityp

First! 😎  I'm @trisquelwhare on #SteemMonsters. Thanks for this contest, @hafizul.

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SM Username: whoarewe

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sm username: muhammadarif

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