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Gif bot is a bot that posts gifs, learn here how to use it.

Hello steemians,

Today I introduce the first community based gif command and what better community to start than steemmonsters ? The new !monster command can be used anywhere in the comment to get a nice steemmonster gif.

Example :

I love my new !monster


Gifs will only be taken directly from the steemmonsters game or fan art proposed by users. If you want to add your steemmonster gif to the gifbot collection please comment below ! At the moment there are only 12 different gifs but I'm sure we can increase that with lots of awesome monsters

Have fun using gifs and playing steemmonsters,



@doomsdaychassis, you're going to like this one :0)

How do I get that white thing around your !monster that you have? What's the HTML command for that?


You need to surround the text with `
This is code hightlighting in markdown

Oh, okay. So then...


should work?

When does the gif appear, after a while?

Oh cool. It worked! Yay!

If you just want to use the command just write !monster anywhere, you don't need the highlighting. I will remove it from the original post to make it clear

OH okay, cool! :) Thanks


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This is awesome! I have been using gifs with Steem Monsters since day 1, lol! I love them! I should go find some alpha classic Steem, Monsters old gifs too!

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