Steem Monsters: End of Season Results

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Another season ends and brings rewards with it! While challenging, I was able to climb the leaderboards and got a good foothold on the Gold Division. It was a good experience as I was able to do fairly well for my Daily Quests consistently during the season.

Although I did not calculate the amount of Reward Cards I was able to collect this season, I did feel that is much better than previous season given the fact that I was always above the Bronze Division since I started in the Silver Division due to my placing the previous season. That alone netted me more than 4 cards more per day which is a material difference in my eyes. This allowed me to level up cards which made my battle through the Silver Division and the number of bots playing much easier than the frustrations of the past experiences.

As a result of finishing in the Gold Division, I was reward 26 reward cards. This was four fewer than the previous season for which I received 30 reward cards. This was because I finished in Gold Division II instead of the higher Division I since I was somewhat short on ranked points as the competition was tougher this season given the growing number of leveled up cards in play for battle. However, given that the rewards are free, it is sure better than nothing!


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