Steem Monsters Common Card Fantasy Story Contest! // Week 14

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Powerful knight who trains hard to defeat countless monsters with his faithful horse

Greece XVI century.   

Some years ago since I began to study, I was very intrigued by the ancient history of my people. So much so that I gave myself the task of knowing it to the foundations.   In one of my many investigations I met a very peculiar old man, who lived in an old lookout tower located on a hill near my hometown. This peculiar old man told me stories about a powerful knight who protected the town and its surroundings from any attack by invaders or monsters from the deepest recesses of the earth. I, being so curious, always asked him more about this powerful gentleman and how he managed to do those things. The old man without joking told me that this gentleman had undergone an arduous training with which he obtained the necessary strength to protect his loved ones who lived in town.   One sunny day, being very excited, I went to talk to the old man to tell him that he had made a very important decision that contradicted everything he had been doing so long... I told him that I wanted to undergo the same training that had been subjected to that powerful gentleman. The old man gave a great laugh at the same time that he pointed to me with his index finger. Enraged, I told him that I could do that training in half the time that gentleman had done and that he would be much better than him. At that moment the old man stopped laughing and with a cold and dark look told me: "If you can do what you say, I will give you a great reward myself I will give you my great treasure! ... but if you fail ... you will be my slave" . When I heard the old man say that with that look, my hands began to tremble and a drop of sweat ran down my face, but in my mind he told me "You already made a decision, there is no turning back"   After spending several years training with the old man, I already felt invincible, I felt superior to the gentleman of those stories that the old man told me. As usual at the beginning of the day, I asked the old man how he knew so many types of workouts? and what was his name ?. As usual I threw a banana to keep quiet and we went to train. But this time the usual did not happen, this time the old man told me that he would soon earn the right to know, without adding that he told me that today he would not train me, that it would be a day to rest.   I was surprised by what the old man had told me, but at the same time I longed for a break after having trained so much. So I decided to go to a stream that was after crossing a forest. Arriving at the stream I hear a cry, but a strange cry. So I hurried to the source of the sound and found a horse which had fallen into a barbed wire trap that stopped the right front leg. As I could, I released the horse's leg and carried it to the watchtower of the old man. Yes! I loaded it! Thanks to my training I had obtained the necessary strength to load a horse and even more. After asking the old man to help me heal the horse he made me take him to a basement he had in the tower where he had some very beautiful plants, but after analyzing the situation well, I asked him how is it possible that these plants grow here without sunlight? The old man letting out a faint smile while he healed the horse told me: "In this world there are several elements that every living being can learn to handle them." In this case the old man handled the element of life and could give life to the plants in any environment, but that was not the only thing he could do by manipulating that element. After curing the horse using his element and some plants he had. We took the horse out of the basement so he could leave, but that, somehow he had become fond of me. At that precise moment, the ground began to break and great monsters emerged that began to attack the tower without mercy. During that terrible unexpected attack, I fought for a few hours with the old man who, despite his appearance, was incredibly powerful. After pushing back the monsters, I lay on the ground with a fatal wound, which was caused by believing me invincible to these fearsome monsters. I'm about to let my conscience disappear, the old man approached me and said: "Despite your carelessness in combat you have managed to overcome the training in half the time, so ... as promised it is debt I will give you my biggest treasure boy, but first I'll give you a gift ... " The old man placed his hands on my wound and after feeling a great burden on my body heard the old man say: "In the basement ... a trunk ... my treasure ...". Then as I could I opened my eyes only to see that the old man was fading away ... that's right ... the old man had given his life to save mine. After being able to get up, I went to the basement to find the trunk that the old man had mentioned to me. After opening it I saw a silver glitter ... after removing the entire contents of the trunk I realized that it was a silver armor with a scroll that said: "For many years they have asked me who I am? and the answer I give them is: I am the Silvershield Knight. "   From that moment I promised myself that I would not let anyone else die because of my mistakes or carelessness and that from now on I would live under the name Silvershield silver knight and next to my faithful horse we would protect people from the monsters and invaders that lurk in this world.  

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Excellent story. Good luck in the contest!


Thanks ;)

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Very good story, I wish you much success in the contest.


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