Steem Monsters Explosive Growth Shows Demand For Proof-Of-Ownership In Gaming

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I have moved all my content away from the now centralized and controlled Steem blockchain to the decentralized Hive blockchain.


I strongly believe that these kind of projects is what Steem needs to bring more people on board. I think the potential is enormous and it will reform the whole aspect of the chain. For me the blog platform in itself has huge flaws and only a couple of people persist/survive/succeed here. It is incredibly hard. Projects like @steemmonsters, show that there is so much more going on underneath the surface of this chain. Lots of people are working on this, people are excited, I hear almost nothing negative about the Monsters, so this is what a social blockchain should be like. Personally I would have probably left this place weren't it for projects like this popping up. It is showing what is possible on this chain and in a very simple way. Communities is where it is at and #steemmonsters is the strongest one yet, this is going to make Steem great (again). Amen :)

Communities is where it is...

I totally agree which is why I build the 1UP voting system for communities. :)

Yes, I just saw that and was looking into it. Still a bit hard to fully understand, but I guess it will become clearer when it comes out.

so this thing really taking off Best of Luck for the long run

Dude, get some packs!

Hypnotizing you... Look into my cards.


I started playing EOS Knights .... and I'm having an eye on this one as well.
Maybe next month I will start playing it .... can't do them all at ones :)

Quit talking about it and buy the rest of the packs available.
I broke out my Ouija board and asked the king of pop "Should I be a part of Steemmmonsters?"
Do you know what that board told me?

^^ Science ^^

Lol, I got my starter pack and first booster. Not sure if my humble finances allow for more right now. :P

Yes Steemmonsters is totally addicting and is showing so many advantages that Steem Blockchain has over other crypto collectables like Crypto Kittys for Ethereum. I also wanted to correct you on the point that alpha cards won't be printed anymore after they sold. If you look to the kickstarter campaign the last tier for 10000$ includes a two times per day alpha card pack generator for the next 5 years. Five of these tiers can be purchased which means that everyday there are going to be 10 more alpha packs available in the market. In total over five years that are more than 18000 booster packs or 6% of total supply for five I really don't understand why @steemmonsters created that tier since it devalues all the excisting cards. But still I think the prices for some of the alpha gold cards are still a bargain and I'm totally hooked...can't wait to battle!!!

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You think the cards from the Kickstarter will be valuable? I was thinking if the 200 $ perk was worth it.

I guess they are very good deals if you compare what you get to the actual market prices...if I could affort the 800$ tier with gold legendary shen lui that would be awesome. The 200$ tier also has great value in it.

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Love those Monsters!