Steem Monsters Giveaway Results

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Steem Monsters Giveaway Results

One rare STONE GOLEM: @pocketrocket


One rare CLAY GOLEM: @heremonium


Congrats :)


(Click on the button)

(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

Please read my Witness Thread and support me by voting @fbslo for witness.

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Nice..... I have 2 Gold and 1 Legendary giveaway going on if you want to enter......

@fbslo thank you so much

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Hi @fbslo, I did login but not find it in the cards. It still looks empty or am I doing something wrong?

type-all / rarity-rare / element-earth

Stone golem is not mine. Maybe I need to do something more?


Steem monsters explorer show your card:

I can see your card.