Steem Monsters: Trading cards profitable? So far so good!

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I like Steem monsters for several reasons.

Obviously, I like (digital) card games. It's what spiked my interest in the first place when I heard about it.

Second, Steem Monsters can be combined with other awesome Dapps on the blockchain (Dtube,Dlive for streaming, fundition for kickstarting, and previously Steembay for selling).

What a showcase for the blockchain!

And third. And this is what sets Steem Monsters apart from every digital card game I know.

You can trade or sell your cards (for SBD/STEEM), individually. They are 'digitally' yours.

Remember when u used to collect 'analog' cards and you could physically hold them and you knew they were yours.

Well, this is the same but digitally. It's a major step forward in digital ownership.

About 3 months ago I made my first investment into these cards and I shared it on the blockchain as usual.

Notice the cards had no stats back then.

It was when the Gold Foils (super rare cards) just came out and the market was flooded with them.

Nobody knew what they were worth but I took a gamble and bought a bunch.

From that post: I bought all 10 recently for 142 STEEM or $227 (notice STEEM was higher back then)*

What a steal!

One of these cards recently sold for $100 and I expect it to go much higher when fighting starts.

Another thing I'm happy with is that the cards went up in value but the STEEM that I used decreased in value.

Basically a double win when it comes to these cards! That STEEM I bought back long ago for much cheaper.

Other investment I made is buying gold commons which I also shared.

Now that all the Alpha packs have sold out they are slowly rising in value too.

I plan to sit on those for a while.

So far so good and lot's of cool things in the works for Steem Monsters.

The new Beta packs will come out soon (with new monsters) and fighting starts soon with tournament hosting real price money!

Steem Monsters is truly one of the most awesome projects on the blockchain!

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Hey man...being that Steem Monsters is a sponsor of my show, I get paid in Booster Packs.
I sell them for a discount if your ever interested.
I currently have 65 packs of the now sold out ALPHA packs for sale.
Offer is open to anyone so feel free to let me know if you're interested.

I'm interested @jonny-clearwater. What's the offer?

Definitely a great project with huge potential to demonstrate the scalability and opportunities on the Steem blockchain. This can demonstrate that a Crypto Kitties like adoption would not disrupt the blockchain like what happened to Ethereum last year. This could lead more developers to the ecosystem as we approach Smart Media tokens next year.

"Remember when u used to collect 'analog' cards" - Having a full collection could give you some money if you decided to sell that collection. Now imagine how much more value the @steemmonsters collection will have (and already has). It is digital and appealing, plus useful!

Double win situation indeed, it's incredible what a game can do for our bank account :D

I bought some Alpha packs a week or two ago and I was finally able to get my first gold cards. I only have about three of them, but I am still pretty excited. I think the one might be a gold epic but I could be wrong. I love seeing how so many people are investing in the game.

If one of them is an Epic Golf Foil I'm pretty sure you have earned your investment back :)

Thanks! Yeah, I don't know if I should wait or try to sell it or what. It looks like there are already quite a few out there and I don't want to undercut the competition too much. Plus what if it ends up being really awesome! :)

There are only 135 of these cards in existence (maybe a couple more from some kickstarter packs) but it's rare. Everything depends of course on how popular this game can get. I'm keeping mine for now.

Sounds like the most prudent thing to do. Thanks for the input and checking it out for me!

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 09.29.05.png

Digital ownership confirmed! I checked myself congrats it is a Gold Foil Epic!

I checked your collection here

Hah! Thanks. Do you know if there is a tutorial that explains what all the numbers on the cards are? I can kind of figure most of them out, but there are some that I am just confused about. I am guessing attack/health/level/energy required to play the card.

This is a great explanation! I'm a teacher in high school, and I'm looking for ways to explain Blockchain to my students. Steem monsters might really be something they can grasp!

That's so cool! And respect to you for explaining blockchain to them. It will be valuable knowledge down the line!

Hey @exyle, how much packs did you bought? I want to start in the steemmonsters but I want to start with a lot of gold cards, however I need to know how much I need to invest. Cheers!

Hi there! Welcome to Steem Monsters! I just sent you your first free pack of booster cards! You can check them at

I bought most of my cards straight from the Market at

Well I for one am glad you bought those cards because I bought some too. Not the golds or anything but enough to be able to play if I want to. Now they've stopped selling alphas I figure that their value should go up as time goes on.

Plus, I'm surprided to find, I ma enjoying playing with them to see what teams I can create. 😊

Well the good thing about these cards is that you can play with them and they stay in pristine condition unlike physical cards. You can always sell them later if you feel like it.

Yeah. I really like the fact that I can experiment and learn without risk of losing them @exyle. That's a huge bonus I think! 😊

I think you are right @exyle it's better to collect digital cards like Steem Monsters than traditional playing cards since digital cards don't get damaged.

Good luck with your investments ✌

Nice! Great buy @ $0.03!

Steem monster, like many applications has a social function, allows us to have an interaction with users who have contributed with the platform, to be able to have the opportunity to fight together or find yours @exyle in the future is amazing. For users like me minnows it is good to seek relationships with orcas and dolphins, making good content is not enough to be seen, and I think everything is based on how much interaction you can generate, how to create a connection with users that you even admire, his career, for his work, for what he means in the community. It is an opportunity to get closer.

Really want to join don't have moola

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