Saturday Night Steem Monsters (Best time to buy Steem and Steem Monsters is right now!!)

in steemmonsters •  5 months ago

I converted fiat to Steem for the first time last night in order to buy Steem so I can buy some dope Steem Monster cards. Now is the BEST time for people to be buying Steem! I have never seen Steem in the 8 months I've been on this platform. On top of that, some of these Steem Monster card prices are the lowest I have ever seen them! stack your deck before the battle mode is released.

shout out @littlescribe for bringing to my attention the opportunity to buy low and sell high with steem monster cards

thank you for your time and attention, see you in the comments!

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I agree it is the best time to trade the cards on the market as well. The prices were very good in the last 4 days :)


Im way too stoked for battle mode! happy to connect with another steem monsters players

I'm new to Steem, and every time I try to sit down and properly study one thing, (Steemit, Dtube, steemhunt, ect) I see a good idea in a video or read about something new built on Steem that compels me to study it. Thanks! Now I have to study monsters.


welcome to the best damn blockchain! The best thing about Steem Monsters is the user interface. It is probably the easiest to use blockchain related thing I have used. the amount of studying needed to figure it out is very little. Great sight! Happy i was able to introduce you to something new :P

I still have to learn about the monsters XD


its an awesome game! I have a podcast episode with one of the creators coming out soon

Good to know. I think also it's a good time to start with steem monsters.


you could make a killer deck for super cheap right now!


i have make a little deck ;)

Thats awesome! hope you find gold!👍✌👹


I was able to snag some good tings 😁


Thats awesome!😀