The day after... ( and some calculations )


Hello Steemians

First day after Untamed cards released and i found my self using a lot the same cards i was using.
The main reason for that is that my untamed cards are not in the same level as my beta cards.
Before i will heavily use untamed cards i have to uprgade them first ( a lot ) so the strength of the new cards exceed the old cards.

There is one card that i found myself enjoying using it from the Life Splinter.

I've bought a total of 58 untamed pack that cost me 108$ and i get back a lot of cards.
i added all the estimate value of the cards and i get back 90$.
i am happy with my investment because a lot of cards has higher price in market (near double the estimate value) and i am sure that if i sell them they will exceed 108$

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Buy some cards

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