Win a Giant Roc or a Goblin Shaman in GOLD!

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Starting things out right around here. Giving away two gold foil cards.

Giant Roc is holding a little elephant. Never noticed that before.
Shaman just looks MEAN. I want to take him to battle with me.

How do I enter the drawing?

  • Comment what card you would pick out of the 2 and why?

Drawing will take place after the post payout in 7 days.

Good luck to all. More giveaways and drawing coming from @dosdudes.

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We wizards and shamans usually get along.


You know it. You would be a good team.

No doubt it's Giant Roc...

Stealing a baby elephant from the mother.

#brutal #steemmonsters #dosdudesgiveaway

@dosdudes the Giant Roc, I love the little elephant 😎 I’m a mean bird just holding a cute little elephant.

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Nice contest!!

I would pick the Goblin Shaman. The main reason is because there was a huge contest running where SteemMonsters was asking for Steemians to come up with a Hero story behind this exact card/monster.

I read many of them (there are SO many!), and each one had a unique character profile, story backdrop and exciting ending. I feel like I know this Goblin Shaman intimately through the plethora of multi-verse versions of him lol

Also... it's a shiny, gold foil card that I don't have and I want.



I’ll have to read some of those.


The winners were just announced!

Super-duper stuff. Amazing to see contributions from the community be integrated into the @steemonsters world, right before our eyes!


UPDATE: I was awarded 3 free SteemMonster booster packs courtesy of @mister-meeseeks (one awesome Steemian!) In one of those packs, I was crazy lucky to receive a Gold Foil Goblin Shaman!!!

My post has all the details:

Soooo, my comment on your post above no longer holds true. I DO have this card now, but, I'm even more eager to win this card! Next Level, Gold Foil, Goblin Shaman??? LET'S GOOOOOO!!!


I love the fire team so both are amazong.
But I prefer the giant roc, because it reminds me of my favourite card. The phoenix

Giant Roc because it can fly and it's obviously strong and very large in size to be carrying an elephant like it were little mouse. So, Giant Roc can probably kick ass when needed... BUT friendly!! The elephant doesn't look scared at all! Just chilling, as if a friend is giving him a lift.


I’ll take a lift on the elephant.

I choose Giant Roc. What if that is not a baby elephant, but rather a full-sized elephant?

Gives a new perspective to the term GIANT. And I hope some hope that Giant Roc is saving the elephant and not taking the elephant to its nest to feed some giant baby birds.

Such a tough decision! I say giant roc, even though I like elephants a lot, and he seems like he is having those for lunch. Scary! I want to have him in my battleteam

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I'd definitely go with the Giant Roc because of possible speed, agility, and arial properties that might make it impervious to ground attacks.

And who said it was a "baby" elephant, remember it is a "GIANT" Roc. 😏

Oh holy crap - I never noticed it's carrying an elephant either 😂 - a gold roc would look lovely in my collection.


Didn’t notice that until I posted this either.


@foxfiction the card is now in your collection. Enjoy and congrats.


Thank you!!

I would probably go for the shaman, thanks for pointing out the elephant on the giant roc, I would have never noticed that! lol


Makes me want to take a closer look at all the @steemmonsters

Holy monsters! Of course Goblin Shaman!
Goblin Shaman leads his goblin army into battle and heals them)
Which is why I choose Goblin Shaman.


@bitpizza you won the shaman! Congrats. Card has been sent.


Many thanks for gold card! It's great!

Goblin Shaman! Looks like he's about to snatch that baby elephant right out of the Giant's Roc's talons. Plus look at that skull rod, BADASS!

The first steemmonsters card I got was the Giant Roc so I would have to go with that one.

  • I never noticed the elephant before either ....

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Thanks for the heads up!

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I'll be sending in at least one today for this! Thanks @shoemamchu

For sure, I would pick the Giant Roc. I love nature and birds of prey are some of my favourite animals in real live. Also, I never noticed the elephant either. 🐘

Thanks for inning the contest guys.

I would pick the Goblin Shaman, because it reminds me of a bogoblin chief in Zelda.

Thanks for running the giveaway. 😊