Steemmonsters finally got me. Check out my deck.

in steemmonsters •  3 months ago

So after putting it off for a long, long time I finally made my way over to and logged in. It is super easy if you have not. You just put in your steemit username and then your private posting key and you are off and running. I have to thank @beeyou for forcing me into this. She sent me my first deck when steemmonsters first kicked off and somehow I had a total of 5 packs waiting for me which was very surprising to me. I have talked to a couple other people to kinda feel out what I got and they said that There is almost no way I could have gotten a better start except if I would have gotten a legendary. So without further delay, I present you with my deck.

Even though I am a bit late to the show I think I can still score up a decent set of cards and am pretty happy with what I got for free to start with. A huge thank you to @beeyou and all the other folks that sent me card packs.

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Great collection you have there! You can also trade in the Steem Monsters Discord in case you haven't been there -


I have been in there, I have since added on a dragon and a couple other things since making this post. Just kinda trying to get a good set of base cards and a strategy for how I am going to go about everything. Thank you for stopping by and commenting @clove71 . I saw your post about your gold card collection in the discord room. That is sweet. I am still looking for a cheap gold foil skeleton assasin if you know where one might be. I had one but I gave it to @beeyou as a gift because she bought me my first pack as a gift and that was the one she really wanted so I bought the last one off the exchange at an inflated price as a thank you gift for her. I can't afford to buy another one because it is $25 for the cheapest one.


Aww @doomsdaychassis. Being the helicopter momma and all, I so want to chastise you for paying that inflated price for the gold Skeleton Assassin. That is such a sweet gesture! 😊 You know you have a reputation to uphold on here. You can't be seen being nice. :)

Thanks so much for this awesome gift. You are the best!

Welcome to the Monsters City! Now you addiction will start :P


Lol. I will add it to the list. :)
Hopefully, I can pick up a few at a time and win some contests.

Welcome to the city of addicts, lol.
I'm trying to stay away from the monsters for a little while - far too addictive - but a post like this isn't really helping ;0P

Enjoy collecting

Lol amazing start... Congrats luckbox:)

Nice start to the game, especially those two Gold Foils! I see that you've only got one Summoner so far. They'll be important once the battles begin, so make sure you get a few of them. Do have a look at PeakMonsters, which is a new site that interacts with the SteemMonsters API. In it everybody can see every transaction on the Steem blockchain that relates to SteemMonsters. Your Animated Corpse trade with @trumpman was, err, interesting. 😂😆






Lol, yeah he said he didn't have any so I sent him one and then he was like cool, not interested. Sending it back.


I am still learning all this that is for sure I will probably be bargain shopping over the next few weeks to see if I can pick up some cheap buys.

Finally! About time you showed interest into steemmonsters. You got some crappy cards. Should just send them all my way. ;)

For not getting into the game until now, you sure are lucky with your cards. In the marketplace, the gold Peacebringer is valued at $7.90 and the Enchantress is at $25.99 USD. Not too shabby. I would hold on to them for now.

Edited: You should have put the gold cards first. Everyone is a fan of golds.


Oh I am gonna HODL them. I hear there is going to be an ability to rent your cards or delegate them out. I will slowly start picking them up as I go.


swapped the golds to the front.