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I always like starting out posts like this by leaving my affiliate link to Steem Monsters here for those of you who would like to join and play this awesome game. So if that is you go to Steem Monsters and get yourself your initial pack of monsters and battle it out with the rest of us.

If you are new to Steem Monsters, the Neutral monsters are basically the cards that you can pair with all the available Splinters in a battle unless the Rules of Combat say otherwise. It is a fantastic choice to have especially if you have not acquired strong monsters in the other Splinters.

One of the best monster abilities overall to have in your collection is the magic ability. Monsters with this ability are able to take out the health of a monster directly even if they have shields.

Characters with magic attack may do damage from any row. Not only that, this form of attack ignores the defender’s Armor STAT (damage is applied directly to health). There is no miss chance. It always hits.

Keeping this in mind you always need to have this a monster with magic whenever you are battling it out for season points. So, is it a smarter idea to consider acquiring a Neutral magic monster that you can use in almost given chance with any Splinter?

Finally, here is my favorite Neutral magic monster on Steem Monsters. I am looking forwards to maxing her out and climbing further up in the leaderboard.


Till next time, keep on Steemin'.

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