SteemMonster Daily Reward - 12 March 2019

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What I won by getting the SteemMonster daily reward

Total number of battles to earn reward : 28
Ranking : 1904
Highest Ranking: 2955
Total Battles: 2428
Total Wins: 1251
Win Percentage: 51.52%


Life Splinter was the choice, again. I won a few at the start, but I managed to drop all the way down to the mid 1700s in rank. And then, while I would drop quickly, going back up took longer. I won 12/14 battles to get back to 1904, which was lower than my ending rank from the last time I battled (I skipped a day). I won 17/28 battles overall, to end up with a lower rank. Ugh.



The Sea Monster was the only one worth getting. Deck value and Market Cap are still going up.


Number of cards: 113

  • Alpha: 24 - Beta: 48
  • Promo: 0 Common: 58, Rare: 37, Epic: 14, Legendary: 4
  • Gold cards: 18
  • BCX: 900
  • Value: $88.35, previously $82.46

There goes the value

Total Steem Monsters Market Cap: $1,143,244 was $1,122,757

As for the continuing upleveling of here is where I am at.

  • Manticore is now 1/2 to get to Level 2
  • Brownie is now 0/3 to get to Level 3
  • Imp Bowman is now 1/3 to get to Level 3
  • Lord Arainthus is now 1/3 to get to Level 3
  • Prismatic Energy is now 0/6 to get to Level 4
  • Skeletal Warrior is now 2/6 to get to Level 4
  • Crystal Werewolf is now 2/6 to get to Level 4
  • Divine Sorceress is now 5/6 to get to Level 4
  • Javelin Thrower is now 1/11 to get to Level 5
  • Naga Fire Wizard is now 2/11 to get to Level 5
  • Pirate Archer is now 3/11 to get to Level 5
  • Undead Minotaur is now 5/14 to get to Level 5
  • Sea Monster is now 12/14 to get to Level 5
  • Mushroom Seer is now 10/11 to get to Level 5
  • Exploding Dwarf is now 1/27 to get to Level 6
  • Flame Imp is now 3/14 to get to Level 6
  • Goblin Mech is now 11/27 to get to Level 6
  • Hobgoblin is now 7/14 to get to Level 6
  • Silvershield Archers is now 13/27 to get to Level 6
  • Wood Nymph is now 15/27 to get to Level 6
  • Creeping Ooze is now 17/27 to get to Level 6
  • Sea Genie is now at 16/54 to get to Level 7
  • Rusty Android is now at 19/54 to get to Level 7
  • Highland Archer is now at 21/54 to get to Level 7
  • Vampire is now at 29/54 to get to Level 7

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Looks a lot like my pull from today 😔
Tomorrow another day and quest, I hope that the reward will be better than!

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