Monster Poker Sunday - 6PM EST

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Welcome back!

If this is your first time hearing about Steem Monsters Poker then I do hope you enjoy what you are about to read.

I've been pretty busy playing Steem Monsters lately, I'm not even gonna try to lie. I'm honestly a little proud of how hooked I am to this game, as strange as it sounds. To me, it's something I've been helping to create even though I didn't do any of the actual coding, so the fact I enjoy playing it makes me happy. Destroying my enemies in tournaments has been of high priority.

I quite enjoy spending several hours a day honing my skills and preparing myself for the next ranked battle, tournament, or challenge. I consider that my daily work-out routine.


However, I don't want to disappoint anyone, since I have been receiving quite a few poker requests I feel like I should get another game going as fast as possible, and I do apologize for not doing them nearly as frequently as I did in the beginning. Unfortunately, it would seem that if there is any sort of fee associated with the tournament, many people choose not to join in on the fun.. their loss

Though, that's another reason why I implemented the use of Steem Monsters Poker Tokens. That way, you can come and play poker, win items of real $value, and not have to invest a single penny of your own money.

Since the launch of SMPT I have given out around 3000 tokens, all for free. At least, the only thing I ask for them in return is for you to make a meaningful comment on my posts, resteem them, or upvote them. You can even make your own posts about Steem Monsters Poker, be sure to let me know, and I will send you free tokens for that too!

If you aren't yet familiar with SMPT or how they work it is actually quite simple and I will break it down for you so that it's easy for pretty much anyone to understand.

For the sake of over-explaining I will assume you are already familiar with how STEEM works, if not, you can send me a private message on Discord or tag me in one of the servers we share mutually.

Okay, so let's get to it.

SMPT or Steem Monsters Poker Tokens are a very simple method for entering into any of the tournaments I hold over at

I created them on on Steem-Engine for a specific reason but with the limitless potential to expand on the idea, or come up with new ones altogether.

For now, they are used solely to gain entry to these poker games, soon you might even be able to trade them in for special prizes. This is not a 100% concrete idea yet, I have to do some thinking on this still so don't expect anything this week lol but I promise it's definitely at the forefront of my to-do list.

To see your SMPT balance on Steem Engine, you simply log in to using your STEEM credentials. I would recommend using Keychain to log in as it is much faster and super handy.

Once you are logged in, click on the WALLET tab and it will look something like this

If you log in and see that there are NO TOKENS!?!?!?! :O Leave me a message here and I will send you some just because I'm a nice guy like that :P

Next, and this is super easy so pay attention because I don't want to have to repeat it. Click on your SMPT (Steem Monsters Poker Tokens) in your wallet.

Now you will see this page

I doubt you will see a big long list of transactions on yours yet, but that's where you need to be in order to send SMPT from Steem-Engine.

Pretty easy this far, right?

Click Send.

Fill this out CAREFULLY, and make sure everything is correct before clicking SEND SMPT

Its relly esy to mis litle dtails wen sndig elctonic pymens, so pleae, do youself and everone ese a faor, ALWAYS doble-chek evry thyme ewe shend anee kurrencey aniewhare VIA ani methud. Yu'll be gled yo djd.

Looks good! I'd say that's the right way to spell @crystalhuman, and it's 5 SMPT to enter this particular game, so if your pop-up looks like this one above, go ahead and send that entry fee on over!

Keychain users:


Then click the arrow associated with SMPT.

Fill in the fields CORRECTLY, then click SEND.

Oh! You want to know what else you have to do?

Well, if you haven't already, all you have to do is sign up at and make sure you have the required account to participate in these games.

You will also need a Steem Monsters Account, if you plan on participating in any of the Steem Monsters Tournaments.

No, not the poker ones, the actual ones.

It is not mandatory that you have a Steem Monsters Starter Pack to participate in these poker games, but you will at least need a STEEM account to receive your prizes.
If you don't already have one and you're going to get one anyways, you might as well get it through Steem Monsters with your Starter Pack purchase and get some cards too! ;)

Lastly, you will want to make absolutely sure you join my super CHILL Discord Server to stay up-to-date with all the announcements I will be making for the upcoming games and events, potential prizes, etc.

The prizes for Monster Poker Sunday will be as follows:

1st place.

OMG! It's a frickin' Legendary! Lord Anu-... Arianthus!

2nd place.

Howsabout a Gold Foil Rusty Android? People can say what they want, I like this card and I use it pretty effectively against certain teams.

3rd place.

Leeching the night away, this Gold Vampire needs a new neck to cling to, he's yours if you take third place.

4-5th place will each get 10 SMPT!

Table details will be announced on Discord. Once your entry fee has been received I will DM you the password you will need to join the game.

See you at the table!

Follow me!


Hi, bro. Send me some tokens, please ; ).

hey @crystalhuman i finally made it to steemit thanks for the free steemmonsters pack and getting me a steemit account i will be looking forward to seeing your post

We be boomin fo sho!

Awesome explanation and great post @crystalhuman ! I all ready have a maxed out lord Anus, lol and im going to be busy tomorrow but I will try to check it out!
What happened here in your post, lol where all the spelling is totally off. This is right above the "TRANSFER" Explanation photo.

"Its relly esy to mis litle dtails wen sndig elctonic pymens, so pleae, do youself and everone ese a faor, ALWAYS doble-chek evry thyme ewe shend anee kurrencey aniewhare VIA ani methud. Yu'll be gled yo djd."

🙋🃏 Hahha, anyways best of luck in future tournaments you might hold and on your poker games!👹😜👍😎
Upped and Resteemed

haha I was reallllly trying to drive my point home on that one. I figured some people would be like wtf?

What I was saying is It's really easy to miss details, and by creating dozens of errors in that sentence, once a person was able to determine the message, through the imprint created by having to do so much work to read it, I figured it would kinda subconsciously trick people into being more careful with their funds when sending transfers. :D

You know those memes about cult leaders who brainwash people into thinking for themselves? Well, I'm literally the type of person they made those memes about ;)

🙋 Hahaha, that's awesome, hopefully it works! It's also a great way to see if anyone is actually reading your entire post or just skimming over it hell most people only read the head line, then comment, lol!
🙋 I remember when gringalicious would put a secret word at the end of her post and the first person to mention it in a comment would get a 100% upvote! But after a while she seen that people would just find the word at the end and then comment as soon as possible for the upvote, lol! So she stopped doing it.
Anyways lol, I thought it was something like that👍🙋😂

Glad to see another game in the works! A shame I can't make this one, but good luck to all competitors!

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