Steem Monsters Quests: Quest With Green Splinter..

Hello Friends,

How are you all doing? Well, I had the chance of battling it out with Green Splinter cards to win the quest and it's completed successfully.

The combination I had for most of the battles was, Stonesplitter Orc, Stone Golem and some common cards.

And the booster pack I received had some exciting cards as you can see in below screenshot:

You can see that 2 Life Splinter cards Divine Healer and Feral Spirit are the most used cards by many SM battlers.

Flesh Golem and Coratrice are the other cards I often use and pretty sure that, these cards will give more strength to my attack.

Spineback Wolf is not much used by me and hence, can't explain much about that.

So, this is more interesting as for as Steem Monsters new battles are concerned and I am waiting for the tournament to begin.

I read somewhere that, there will be an option to combine alpha and beta cards and that is something good news for Steem Monsters battlers.

But, I am just with beta cards as I was a late joiner to this wonderful game.

Let's keep playing and enjoying the battles.


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