Steem Monsters: Daily Quest win and Booster Pack Opening.

Hello Friends,

Right, so here I am back with yet another quest won on Steem Monsters.

The time required to win quest is getting shorter and shorter with each day passing by as I am getting some nice cards every day and those are helping me to win next day's quest in a little bit less time than previous day.

So, today I played Steem Monsters battles with Death splinter cards and my combination which fetched me wins are a Haunted Spirit, a Twiested Jester and a Centaur.

Haunted Spirit's healing capacity always helps to save it's life for more rounds and the cross attacking ability of Centaur and Twisted Jester helps to take measure of the cards which aren't fighting with the main fighter which in my case is Haunted Spirit.

So, this round of quest was won by me with much ease and guess what, I got these beautiful cards as part of the Booster Pack I received after winning the quest.

That's right, a rare golden Cyclops and that Giant Roc are my favourites.

I am even happy to get that Silvershield Knight and Peaceful Giant and I know that Skeleton Assasin will be handy when side cards needs to be attacked.

Wow, 2 gold cards in 4 completed quests is something awesome for me. Do you agree with me?

Thanks for reading my blog friends, I would be happy to read your Steem Monsters success stories as well, but my Resource Credit doesn't allow me to reply back to the comments I get or to write a new comment to you. I hope to sort that out with each post payouts I am gonna get from this week.

Wishing you all a nice Monday :)

See you all in Steem Monsters battles :)


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Gold is always awesome and specially in only 4 quest. Nice!

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