GOLDEN Steem Monsters + SBI Shares Charity Raffle (70+ Steem in Prizes)

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Hey guys! Here's another reminder that's next raffle is currently running! The prizes consists of 3 SM cards (golden epic, golden rare and golden common) + 60% of the funds donated as SBI shares! This means that the prizepool will keep growing as more there are more entries!

However, before we dive into the actual raffle, let's have a look at what has done so far!

First distribution

Here's a post detailing how our first distribution went! This includes pictures and an introduction to each distributor we have in Venezuela.

Second distribution

Here's a post detailing the financial aspect of our second distribution. I haven't yet done a compilation of distributor reports, but the funds were used very similarly to the first one!

We have contributed a total of $133.16 USD to many struggling elderly, children and families in Venezuela!

Total prize pool

  • Commons worth around: 2 Steem
  • Rares worth around: 9 Steem
  • Epics worth around: 42 Steem
  • 60% of 315 tickets so far: 18.9 Steem
  • Total: 71.9 Steem


  • First prize: golden epic Steem Monsters card + 20% of total jackpot as SBI shares
  • Second prize: golden rare Steem Monsters card + 15% of total jackpot as SBI shares
  • Third prize: golden common Steem Monsters card + 10% of total jackpot as SBI shares
  • Fourth prize: 10% of entries as SBI shares
  • Fifth prize: 5% of total jackpot as SBI shares
  • Total prizes: a golden epic, rare and common Steem Monsters card + 60% of the total jackpot as SBI shares. The remaining 40% will be used to fund donations to our distributors.

How to Enter

  • Send 0.1 Steem or 0.1 SBD to for each ticket
  • Attach in the memo "raffle tickets", or something along the lines of that so we can differentiate between raffle entries and donations
  • Each person may buy as many tickets as they wish, in as many transactions as they wish

List of tickets so far:

End Date

The raffle will end on the 1st of September, OR when we hit 1000 tickets sold.

Winners will be randomly chosen and announced later.


If you're a Steem Monsters player, we are always looking for contributions for our future raffles! Feel free to send Steem Monsters cards or packs to if you'd like to help contribute to our cause. All cards on that account will be used for raffles!

Thanks to @drmaizo for the picture used above!

I love the pic! I use it in almost every charity post :)

Thanks to our distributors @drmaizo, @carlagonz, @joseph1956 and @reinaldoverdu!

None of this could be possible without you guys!

Thanks to our sponsors @crypto.piotr, @jk6276, @lrd and @kiwijuice.

We are here where we are thanks to these people!


A nice charity! Hope you can organised it well!

Thanks! I've been trying my best but sadly I've been a little too busy recently to manage it to the best of my ability :(

Thank you very much for all the support you have given to this project, we have benefited many people in need with the money they have collected and distributed on the last two occasions.
Have a nice day @cryptoeater

No worries, it's a pleasure to help :)
None of this could be possible without the help and support of you guys, the distributors!

I hope this go more big ... and you can help a lot :)

Thanks for your support! :)

hello friend @foxkoit is a great job they do recommend joining (:

Thank you!! I look it

What's Steem monsters and how do I send Steem to an account?

Hi! Steem Monsters is a new game created on the Steem Blockchain! You can send Steem to another account by clicking on your wallet, click how much Steem you have then click transfer!


I'm taking part in the raffle as well!

I hope you get more entries !!!

Thanks! I hope so too :)

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how to play this game????

what i do now after ticket

You are now in the with a chance to win some SBI shares and Steem Monsters cards, the prizes will be drawn in a week or so, or whenever we hit 1000 tickets sold!

ok thanks for reply

Thanks for a nice post

Thanks to you @cryptoeater, i hope more entries and the best for you my friend! Greetings

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Nice charity plan sir... But I want to ask.. As you said winners are randomly chosen... And prizes were given to winners in how many days?
And also wish you best of luck for your plans

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great work help the poor and Allah will help u. keep it up you are doing exec lint job

Yes it's Gold

Very good charity raffle I hope that more people will join!!!

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I hope there will be more entries.

May the force be with you

More grace to continue in the great work...

Good brother

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Bought another 10 just for fun!

Hopefully this kind of project be supported by the creators of steemmonsters and of course by the whales in Steemit especially @ned who has over 1 Million Steem, sleeping in his wallet...

Great job bro

I like the fruits

I'm ready to Steem in Prizes .... :-)

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