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Three days ago, I started a giveaway for the person who could share with me their favorite (and best?) spirit/white team deck for a 20 mana game on @steemmonsters

Here are the cards:

After reviewing, I decided to go with @palasatenea suggestion:


Clay golem(6)


Angel of light(4), Divine healer(3), Feral spirit (3)

Clay golem:

For me the best tank of white, he has a lot of health, void which lowers magic attacks and rage, if it's damaged increases his attack

Angel of light:

In this position because although she can't attack is quite tough thanks to his health stats and the boost of protect and flying. As a backup to the tank if goes down first. Anyways she has resurrect for other members of the team, and protect it's important not only because of the boost to the armor but because it saves you from fear. (a very tricky ability of black teams) Also group heal and inspire.

Divine healer:

In this position because it's probably the weaker member of our team and it's easier targeted by sneak if we put it the last(I assume that most of the people would put their weaker creatures the last ones and also their sneak attackers to attack them). Her group heal is very interesting and he has a magic attack to support, I almost forgot it she slows down all the enemy team.

Feral spirit:

To attack possibly to their weaker monster, fast and deadly with the angel's boost. This is a very resillient team two healers, and with resurrect, could make to our tank a nightmare because of his rage, while our Feral Spirit attempts to attack their back. This are the pros, the cons are that we have few attacking cards, not very good against hard hitters like green but good against black because of our inmunity to fear and because we heal twice, against poison should be fine.

It just so happen that @palasatenea as a great series of article on the different cards and what they are good for. Check it out, it's well worth your time.

Congratulations to @palasatenea for winning this, now I just have to transfer him the cards I promised. If you read this, contact me on discord :-)

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wow , great deck , white !

Nice deck. Will be challenged with mine :>


I would love to see that simulation. Can White fight white?


Not sure yet :/


I think that we could do that.

Congrats @palasatenea i hope i could that much lucky

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Great ! Thank you for this event. I wish I had won even without participating ^^.
Take care and see you in the SteemMonsters coliseum ;).

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Congratulations @palasatenea, and thanks for this interesting discussion about tactics and Team building, @cryptoctopus ... oh, and for the contest as well, haha. I didn't end up actually submitting a Team to this contest, but I sure did enjoy the discussion and debate that the contest engendered, it really got me thinking.

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Oh thank you!! it's been a great competition, I would like to test it, to see if it really works, the truth is that @mys suggested a very nice formation too, I like his team concept with the shilvershield knight and the silvershield paladin as tanks.

It's a geat option too, but I think that it's key to have two healers, I have to do the next reports and study other colours more deeply yet but I think that there isn't this option in other colours and it's an advantage in my opinion.

Thank you @cryptoctopus for your generosity, and organizating the challenge.

congratulations to all the winners..

Nice post sir thanks for share

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