The Beta Booster Bowl Extravaganza

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The concept I was teasing in my previous post is fairly simple outside of being not as automated as we have become used to but nonetheless can be a blast to play if set up among people that really want to play, especially with the possibility of having private tournaments.

I will use the example of 16 participants as a round number for tournament play:

Each participant before purchasing X number of beta packs (we'll use the number of 5 for this example) will place a rare summoner in each of the 5 splinters, along with one common dragon summoner in an otherwise blank account with zero cards in the beginning. Each player then prior to the tournament would open lets say four of the packs, keeping one pack unopened in that account. After opening the three packs that player would be allowed to play the cards they just opened and only those cards that were in those packs, and having no other account activity while actively playing in this tournament until they are eliminated. Otherwise it would result in a forfeit as each player is only playing with the cards that came out of the packs just opened. The tournament would be at the bronze level in this example, so the max levels would follow that scale of cards. Each player is matched prior to their getting packs so you know which accounts you are playing prior to any packs being opened.

The tournament like most would be a best out of three, could even be a best of five or more if wanted depending on how the customization would be wanted for the tournament field of course. You play your match up. If you win, you move forward to the next round and play with your cards again. If you lose, you send your extra pack to the player you lost to, as a bounty payment for them knocking you out of the tournament.

This could be customized in that the players could open these packs earned in knocking players out, or they could be sent out of these accounts when the tournament is over, whichever the users wish to use. But again you not have any additional account activity other than what is involved in the tournament meaning no adding of cards during the tournament of course or it would be a disqualification as it would only include the cards opened in the packs for this tournament only.

You continue to play getting eventually to the championship round, and at the completion of the tournament the runner-up would send their bounty pack to the champion, and all the cards outside of the original six summoners that the tournament started with are sent out of the accounts so that they may be used again later on. The intended use of these accounts would be solely for this game, you obviously would not be playing daily quests with them or leasing cards as they would be there when you went to play next time.

Rinse, wash and repeat. Rules can be tweaked prior to the start however the given rule sets want to be played. It would be done the old-fashioned way with challenge sent to each other until the best of series is completed. There would simply be a dialog box in a discord home page of each round pairings, as you would have some kind of random number generation in sorting team numbers so that the bracket stays the same. Example: Team 1 plays Team 2, Team 2 wins, advances and plays the winner of Team 3 and Team 4 match, which is team 3. Round 2 is Team II vs. Team III and so on.

Could function almost like bowling league for steemmonsters, having the parameters set when you show up, you have your accounts set for it, open packs right after check in, and then the games begin. Check in would involve the players showing they have bought their packs and are ready to go, then opening, then starting.

It is luck of the draw but there are some serious limits in gameplay. The other thing is that if the player say gets enough cards to level up a level, they may do so but the cards must have come from their opened packs of course. So every player will have the same total BCX in their account, say if four packs were opened there would be 26 total BCX counting their summoners, but if say three cards were leveled together and no others, then the player would have 24 cards in their account.

To make it even more advanced you could have the winner of each round choose a set number of cards from the loser's deck that are sent to that player along with the bounty pack. Say two cards sent to that player, having a protection rule of the card 'of highest market value,' in case someone were to open a gold legend and lose, they of course would be protected from losing that card and the team that beat them would have to pick two other cards in this example.

That is the rundown, let me know what you think. Needlessly complicated game or a fun way to play a game of chance and skill? I view it as almost a Texas Hold 'Em style of game with strategy and luck mixed along with the consequence of the rule set and of course available splinters.

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